Overview of Event Planning

As student leaders, you have  committed to an important role that will help to make F&M a great place to live and learn.  This information has been developed to assist you in effectively and efficiently leading your organizations.  It outlines College policies and procedures and contains helpful information to guide student organizations through all aspects of budgeting, fundraising, and event planning.   


How to Register Your Event and Reserve Your Location

ALL student events (meetings, lectures, workshops, gatherings, parties, formals, and other events on campus) must be registered via the 'Student Event Registration' link on Inside F&M, Campus Services tab.

Reserving Classrooms / Meeting Spaces:  Students must reserve their location for these campus events via the 'Reservation System' link on Inside F&M, Campus Services tab.

Reserving Large Venue Locations & 1787:  All student requests for large spaces must go through the "Register Student Events" form.  Questions should be brought to either the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership or the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Note: Completing this form is registering your event.  It is NOT a confirmation.

  • The "Register Student Events" form should be submitted two weeks prior to your event to ensure the space can be reserved.

  • Please review the above section titled "How to Start Planning an Event" for important information to consider when submitting the "Register Student Events" form.

  • For a complete list of venues which are considered "Large Venue Locations" please click here.

  • For reserving 1787, organizations must setup a meeting with OSEL or OFSL to go over the details of the event.  Email us at  osel@fandm.edu to request a meeting.

Reserving  Off Campus Events:  All student requests for an off campus location must go through either the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership or the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

  • Organizations must setup a meeting with OSEL to go over the details of the event.  Email us at  osel@fandm.edu to request a meeting.

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life muset setup a meeting with Stuart Umberger, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Email Stuart at  email to request a meeting. 

  • Students holding a closed event are required to complete a guest list. Guest lists must be sent to osel@fandm.edu at least 24 hours prior to the event.



How to Start Planning an Event

Event Planning: Step by Step 

Click on the above PDF to learn how to start planning your event! 

Budget Planning: Step by Step 

Click on the above PDF to learn how to budget your event! 

Evaluate Your Event 

Fill out this Form to better evaluate your event! 

Form: Click Here

Events with Alcohol

No F&M College funding may be used to purchase alcohol. All students are required to know the college's Alcohol and Drug Policies.

All student events with alcohol must be registered online via the 'Student Event Registration'.  You can find this on Inside F&M under the Campus Services tab on the left hand column under Quick Links. The online form can also be filled out here.

  • All alcohol events should be registered 30 days in advance. No party will be approved without a 15 day advanced registration. 


After you submit the 'Student Event Registration', you will need to register your party -

  • Fraternities & Sororities must register their party with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office 

  • All other student events that offer alcohol must register their party with the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership

Keep in mind, private parties (in your residence) MUST be registered with the Dean of Student's Office and the Party Registration Form must be completed.


What Third Party services will your event require?

  • Bartender and Third Party Security

  • Third Party Security Only

  • T.I.P.S. Trainers

    • For clubs and organizations, T.I.P.S. Trainers are event monitors (not permitted to serve alcohol) 

    • When completing the 'Student Event Registration' be prepared to list your T.I.P.S. Trainers


Third Party Bartending Services

  • Good Spirits  ​ 

    • Must have third party security in addition to supporting catering services

    • Third party security for BYOB events only

    • For more information - www.GoodSpiritsLancaster.com
       email: GoodSpiritsLancaster@gmail.com
       phone: 717.371.4849


Third Party Security Options




  • Required for all events with alcohol

  • Alert OSEL two business days in advance of an approximate number of guests over 21 in order to pick up wristbands during OSEL office hours before your event

  • Guest lists must indicate the total number of attendees and how many are over 21. They can be handed in upon picking up wristbands or must be emailed to osel@fandm.edu up to one hour before the start of the event

  • Any unused wristbands need to be returned to OSEL the following business day

The organization/group does hereby accept full responsibility for the event stated above. In accepting this responsibility, the organization/group will make certain that all Federal, State and City laws, as well as all organization, and college policies are enforced. The organization/group understands that it is required to regulate the behavior of all individuals during the event. The registering organization/group and its leadership will immediately take appropriate corrective action to ensure the health and safety of members and guests. The organization/group understands that failure to abide by all terms of this agreement and all event policies and regulations will result in disciplinary action. The organization/group understands that the event will not be approved or hosted without full completion of this registration form, completion of consultation requirements, and approval by an organizational/group advisor. 


Events at 1787

Security is needed when using 1787 during evening hours. 

  • Third party bartending & security are required if there is alcohol at the event. 

  • Non alcoholic events over 50 guests require third party security. Events under 50 guests require the presence of  the club/organization advisor or a  full-time FPS employee. 

  • OSEL Student Event Managers are required at all 1787 events.

  • Guest lists are required for all closed events

  • The card swipe Pocket Tracker is required for all events. 

  • Alcoholic events are required to have food or snacks relevant to the number of guests present.