At the end of each day of funds collection 

When funds collection is complete for the day, the last tabling volunteer(s) should do the following:

  1. Count the money in the cash box
  2. Separate the day’s profits.                                                                                                  The amount of profit (not including change fund) should be written on the tracking sheet on the inside of the cash box.  
  3. Return the cash box with all of the money (including change fund) inside.  
  4. The money will be counted by the Cashier and any discrepancy in the amount will be communicated with the individual who signed-off on the day’s profits and the event organizer.

When the funds collection activity has concluded 

On or before the final day of fundraising, arrangements should be made to complete a final count of profits and make a deposit.  

The deposit process will also include returning the change fund that was borrowed from the Business Office, which clears the loan to the individual.

Change funds are generally returned when the profits from a fundraiser are deposited.  In the event that there are no other monies to deposit, the change fund may be returned by itself.  

All deposits must be done with one week of the final day of funds collection.

For funds collection activities that occur outside of normal funds collection hours (after 3 PM during the week or on the weekend), a cash drop will need to be completed.  


  • After Hours Cash Drop Procedure

    Cash received after the Cashier Window is closed for the day, or over a weekend or College holiday, must be taken to the Department of Public Safety where it can be placed in a secure envelope and deposited in a drop safe located in the main lobby.Only the tamper-proof envelopes provided at the drop safe may be used for these deposits.

    The individual responsible for making the after hours cash drop should do the following:

    1.     Complete a Deposit Ticket including the deposit date, description, depositor organization, account number(s) to credit, preparer name, and total amount of all funds to be deposited.

    2.     Place all money (including change fund) into the envelope provided by the OCP or available at the drop safe, and complete all information on the outside of the envelope.

    3.     Send an email to to notify the Cashier of the drop safe deposit.  Please remember to copy in

    4.     Visit the Business Office during normal Cashier Window hours (12 p.m. to 1 p.m.) on the next business day.

    Precautions should be taken when transporting cash for deposit to the Business Office.

    Public Safety should be contacted for escort purposes when large amounts of cash are involved.