F&M’s vibrant student life offers students many options for how to spend their time outside of the classroom.  Groups that take a strategic approach and utilize multiple forms of advertisement will likely find their events better attended. 


Here are some ways that you can promote your group or event:


  • Advertise on the Digital Signage

    If you are interested in having your advertisement broadcasted on digital signs all over campus, you should email OSEL@fandm.edu.

    When designing an advertisement for digital signage, be sure to do the following:

    ·   Set-up in landscape orientation

    ·   Use at least 20 point font

    ·   Screen dimensions 29" x 19"

    ·   Avoid color combinations that lack contrast

    ·   Save in JPG format

  • Request Your Event on the College Calendar

    The College Events Calendar is now managed through Presence. 

    In order to add an event to the calendar, you must complete an "Event Registration" Form in Presence.

    Club/organization/Agency representatives who are Executive Board members or who have otherwise been granted administrative rights to their Presence page must complete the Event Registration form.   The OSEL staff uses the information provided in the form to make the EMS reservation and then approves the Presence Event Registration form once the EMS reservation has been confirmed. 

  • Display a Banner in the College Center Atrium

    The Steinman College Center Atrium is one of the busiest locations on campus.  An organization interested in promoting its mission, recruiting new members, or advertising events may use the supplies in the Resource Room to create a banner.  Students may also wish to design a poster digitally, and have it printed at Shadek-Fackenthal Library using the poster printer.   Instructions for large-format printing can be found here.

    When designing an event banner, be sure to do the following:

    • Use complementary colors with contrast
    • Include all relevant details for events (time, location, etc.), as well as the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information (email, social media link, QR code, etc.)
    • Remember that the largest banners are 3 ft wide x 6 feet long

    When designing an evergreen banner, be sure to do the following:

    • An evergreen banner /poster is one that does not have specific dates; it is used to advertise a club /organization/Agency from year to year, regardless of membership changes
    • Include the logo, mission (optional), and general email for the club /organization/Agency

    The OSEL must approve all banners before they are hung.


  • Hang Posters or Flyers Around Campus

    The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership can assist with distributing posters or flyers to be hung in the following locations:

    ·   Campus kiosks (6)

    ·   Steinman College Center (4)

    ·   College Houses (14)

    Posters/Flyers hung at the entrances of the SCC without being stamped by the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership will be removed.

    The copier in the Resource Room is available for use by Club Council-recognized organizations.  

  • Set-up an Information Table in the College Center Atrium

    Anyone interested in setting up an information table in the Steinman College Center Atrium should submit a reservation request via Presence at least 3 business days in advance.

    Questions about reservations in the SCC should be referred to SCC_reservation@fandm.edu. 

  • Chalk Around Campus

    Chalking is permitted on the sidewalks around campus.  Chalking is NOT permitted on buildings.

    Sidewalk chalk is available to be borrowed from the Resource Room.

    Make sure to get approval from the OSEL before chalking around campus.


Resource Room

Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday


How to Use/Access the Resource Room

  • One representative from each group must sign in and leave an I.D. at the OSEL Office Manager desk.

  • Students are not permitted to remove any items from the Resource Room.

  • If something is not working properly or needs to be refilled/replaced, please let the OSEL Office Manager know.

  • Your organization will be responsible for replacing items that are found to be missing or broken after your use.

  • Helium tanks should NEVER be used without a nozzle. Please see an OSEL staff member for assistance.

  • You are expected to clean up after yourself and put all items back where you found them.

  • Supplies should not be used for personal sign-making or class projects.  See an OSEL staff member if you are unsure if you are permitted to use the Resource Room.