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There are many ways at F&M to develop your leadership skills which is not limited to just leading one of our many student organizations! All members of an organization or community have the opportunity to develop and exercise leadership skills.   

At F&M, we have been inspired by the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which you’ll see referred to around campus as SCM@F&M. This values-based model focuses on being socially responsible; seeking to have a positive impact on the world.  Furthermore, it assumes that leadership is a process, not a position, and that it is collaborative, inclusive, and available to all.

SCM is sometimes known as “The Seven C’s for Change,” because it is organized around seven values that all start with the letter C:  Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, and Citizenship.  These seven values are grouped into three sets: Individual, Group, and Community.  


The Seven Cs 


Citizenship--Responsibly connecting to your community by actively working toward change to benefit others.


Consciousness of Self--Awareness of personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions.  The processes of mindfulness, introspection, and personal reflection.

Congruence--Intentionally choosing actions that are consistent with one’s values, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.

Commitment--Follow through and willing involvement.  Purposeful investment toward action.


Common Purpose--The involvement of all participants in shared responsibility towards collective aims, values, and vision.

Collaboration--Collective contributions, capitalizing on the diversity and strengths of the individuals involved, as well as their relationships and interconnections.  Characterized by mutually beneficial goals and the sharing of authority, responsibility, and accountability.

Controversy with Civility--The open, critical, and civil discourse that can lead to new, creative solutions when differing viewpoints exist.  Better understanding and integration of multiple perspectives bring value to a group.



Building Better Leaders

Do you want to enhance your leadership competencies for opportunities during and beyond college?  If so, you may want to consider participating in F&M's Building Better Leaders (BBL) program or hosting a leadership development workshop for your organization.

Building Better Leaders
Social Change Model of Leadership Development