Particpate in Building Better Leaders 

Do you want to enhance your leadership competencies for opportunities during and beyond college?  If so, you may want to consider participating in F&M's Building Better Leaders (BBL) program, or hosting a leadership development workshop.

By way of background, Building Better Leaders (BBL) is a five-week leadership development program for first year through senior students which draws upon the Social Change Model of Leadership (SCM).  BBL participants will learn how to motivate groups around a common purpose, facilitate controversy with civility, affect significant social change, and improve confidence while developing strong leadership competencies. 

The BBL program runs each semester, with various meeting times and sessions open for students to sign up.  Multiple emails are sent to all students within the first couple of weeks in the semester to sign up. 

Looking to get more involved and find out when the program starts?  Email: and a member of the Social Change Model Committee will reply promptly. 

Please note: there is no cost to students for participation in this program.


Request an SCM Workshop 

Looking to get your organization's leadership and/or members  to learn more about how to work collaboratively or be congruent to your mission and values? Consider requesting an SCM workshop for your group.  The workshop will be geared to exactly what your want for your organization; focusing on the C's of the Social Change Model you request.  Complete the request form below and one of the SCM Committee Members of F&M will reach out to you and discuss just what hosting a workshop for your organization will entail.