Recruiting On Campus at F&M

The Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development is proud to partner with you in your recruitment of F&M student and alumni talent to join your team. Whether you host an on-campus interview day, an information session about your organization or industry, or attend the Job & Internship Fair, we are sure you will become as excited about F&M students and alumni as we are.

Our students and alumni think creatively and across disciplines.

A liberal arts education equips students with breadth and depth of knowledge. F&M students learn to see from a variety of perspectives while gaining specialized knowledge in their chosen field(s). That diverse education, coupled with F&M’s reputation for academic excellence, prepares our students to stand out as professionals.

Our students and alumni have the skills you need.

F&M students learn to communicate effectively by speaking up in our small classes and presenting their work on campus and in the community. They also hone their teamwork skills and learn to take initiative by participating in 140 student-run clubs and organizations.

Our students and alumni complement their education with practical experience.

Students practice what they learn by pursuing internships, off-campus study, and volunteer and research experiences. By collaborating with each other, faculty, and community members to solve problems and complete projects, students develop the skills to help them excel after graduation.

Our students and alumni engage and give back to their community on a global and on a local scale.

F&M students develop a global perspective by participating in over 200 study abroad programs in 60 countries and pursuing service experiences abroad. They also give back to the local community by volunteering in Lancaster. F&M students are globally-minded, committed citizens.

Thank you for your support of our community!