Considering F&M?

Franklin & Marshall College has a strong history of alumni pursuing health professions including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and others.  The Director of Health Professions Advising provides guidance on the pre-requisite coursework for health professions schools and faculty members do all of academic advising including the graduation requirements and major requirements. Students have a team of faculty academic advisors who provide students with academic support and guidance.  HPA also provides advising, programming, and resources to help students and alumni learn what it takes to become a competitive applicant for the health profession(s) they are interested in and develop the skills and experiences to have their strongest application possible.

Interested in a specific health profession?

Medicine Dentistry Veterinary PA, PT, Other Health


  • Outcomes

    F&M students and alumni have traditionally had much success gaining admission to medical and other health professions school. In the interview process our students typically do quite well, as Diplomats tend to have many interesting experiences to talk about and their confidence, compassion, and intellectual curiosity shine through.  

    For more information as well as a list of where recent students/alumni have matriculated, visit the F&M medical and other health professions school admissions statistics page.

  • Academics/Majors

    Admissions officers at health professions schools indicate to us that F&M’s reputation for excellence in the sciences and pre-health program is very real. F&M graduates are strong communicators, critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, great collaborators, and lifelong learners. Alumni report that F&M prepared them very well for the rigor of their programs and the schools have told us that F&M graduates are among their strongest students.

    At F&M, we do not have a pre-med or pre-health major.   Students can major in any field of study. While some students choose to major in science subjects such as Neuroscience, Chemistry, or Biology, others major in Public Health, Classics, a foreign language, or a different humanities subject.

  • Study Abroad

    A number of pre-health students choose to study abroad at some point during their time at F&M, either during the summer or a semester.  The Office of Off-Campus Study works with students to coordinate their time abroad and work with academic departments on which courses taken abroad will count for a student’s major.  Students should not plan on taking pre-requisites for health professions school abroad.  Recent study abroad programs completed by pre-health students include DIS (Copenhagen, Stockholm), the Neuroscience program in Budapest, and pre-vet programs in Scotland, Africa, and Australia.