Considering veterinary medicine? 

F&M has a strong history of preparing students for a career in Veterinary Medicine.  F&M alumni veterinarians provide compassionate care to their animal patients while cultivating strong relationships with the animals' owners.  

GRE Prep:
Students can meet individually with the Director to discuss study strategies and plans. Test prep resources including official practice tests from the Educational Testing Service and other items are also provided.

Research Opportunities:
Pre-vet students can pursue numerous research opportunities both on and off campus. Through the Hackman Scholars program, students receive funding to do full-time research with an F&M faculty member on campus during the summer. Since we are one of few liberal arts colleges with a vivarium, pre-vet students often work with the monkeys either for research or on a volunteer basis.

For students interested in getting funding for their own research projects off campus, they can apply for the  Hershfield Biomedical Research Endowment or the Rackow & Kaminsky Endowed Fellowship for Pre-Health Students.  This past summer, one pre-vet student received funding to assist on projects at the Drakenstein Lion Park in Africa.

Animal and Vet-Related Opportunities:
Pre-Vet students engage in a number of different shadowing and hands-on experiences.  Students can travel to New Bolton, a Penn Vet facility that primarily cares for horses, and take care of new foals and other baby animals.  Students also do shadowing in the Lancaster area and elsewhere.  This past summer, pre-vet students received funding to shadow at veterinary hospitals in their hometowns in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Additionally, students volunteer at Humane Leagues and other animal shelters. Health Professions Advising also partners with the Pre-Vet Club to coordinate trips to local zoos and animal sanctuaries.

Community Service Opportunities: 
Pre-vet students engage in a number of service opportunities.  The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement is an excellent resource and they oversee community-based programs (for example, organizations working with refugees) as well as alternative spring break programs.  Pre-vet students often get involved in volunteer work at animal shelters.  For those students who are involved in Greek life, each organization works with a specific charity/philanthropy (for example, Relay for Life, the Ronald McDonald House, etc.).

Campus Clubs/Activities:
The Pre-Vet Club is specifically for pre-vet students and plans different programs throughout the year.  These have included sessions with admissions officers at vet schools such as UPenn and Tufts and a workshop on becoming a competitive applicant for vet school.  They also coordinate trips and work to arrange shadowing opportunities.

Pre-vet students also pursue other activities on campus.  Many are involved in music groups such as the orchestra or a cappella singing groups while others play sports at the varsity or club levels.  F&M has a number of ways to get involved in clubs devoted to a range of topics.