Legal Professions Advising

Franklin & Marshall equips its graduates with exceptional verbal and written communication skills, the ability to think critically and reason logically, the facility to construct and respond to evidence-based arguments, and the habit of recognizing and addressing the unresolved. For this reason, thousands of Franklin & Marshall graduates have gone on to thrive in law, whether as attorneys, state and federal judges, law professors and other prominent positions within the legal profession.  

Whether you are a first-year student contemplating the pursuit of law or an alumnus looking for guidance and support with the law school application process, Michael Vitlip, J.D., Director of Legal Professions Advising at OSPGD, can help you. 

Want to learn about our 2018-2020 law school admissions statistics and where F&M graduates matriculated?  Please click here to  read more.


To Schedule an Appointment: Students and alumni may schedule an appointment with Michael Vitlip, JD, Director of Legal Professions Advising, here.  If you have trouble accessing the link or are unable to find an appointment that will work with your schedule, please reach out to OSPGD at or 717-358-4084.  Evening appointments are available upon request.

Virtual Drop-In Hours:
Drop-in hours are quick, 15-minute sessions intended to cover short, quick questions. Legal Professions Virtual and In-Person Drop-In Hours will be available during Fall 2022:  Tuesdays, 2:00 - 4:00pm.

Listserv: Students and alumni who are interested in joining the Legal Professions listserv should contact OSPGD at  The listserv is sent out at the start of each week, and it includes information such as dates and deadlines for law school applications, announcements about Legal Professions programs at F&M and around the country, and job/internship opportunities in the legal field.