F&M Alumni Webinar Series: Mindfulness in Leadership

June 25 '2019 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Virtual Room 1

Hosted by the Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development

Presented by:  Krista (Willenbrock) Kondravy '89, Vice President of Operations at Starbucks

“Mindfulness” has become a common term that can have a very broad definition. Often confused with ‘meditation’ or assumed to merely be synonymous with ‘relaxation’, this webinar will explore ‘mindfulness’ as the ability to be acutely self-aware and present in each moment; being both an observer and participant in one’s thoughts and feelings simultaneously. Studies have shown that leaders who commit to a practice of mindfulness see increased effectiveness in several key leadership capabilities, including collaboration, ability to solve complex problems, and coaching. Krista (Willenbrock) Kondravy is an ’89 F&M grad with a long history of business leadership at the executive level. A recent student to the practice of mindfulness, she will share stories of her personal journey with mindfulness, including practical applications and their impact on her leadership effectiveness. Participants will also be introduced to several useful resources to build or enhance their own mindfulness practice.

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