Understanding Human Resources Careers: What you Need to Know From a Panel of Experts Sponsored by the Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development

January 25 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Brooks College House 101 Great Room

Whether you are pursuing a career in Human Resources or want to gain insight about what Human Resources professionals look for in candidates for any position, join us for an insider's view of the industry from a panel of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) experts. 
Topics include:
  • What HR professionals wish job seekers knew
  • Building & growing a career in HR 
  • Focus sectors within HR (benefits vs recruitment vs grievance vs diversity work, etc.).
  • On-boarding - how does the HR team guide / manage acculturation into a company, for new employees.  
  • Joseph R. Morales, Sr., President & CEO of the J. Morales Group.  In 2010 he was awarded a John Baldwin Fellowship by the Lancaster County Community Foundation.
  • Amanda Robinson, Recruiting Supervisor with Flagger Force and oversees hiring for Office and Field positions in PA, MD, and VA. 
  •  Leslie Wireback, Deputy Chief of HR at Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority.  She develops employee capabilities, creates career paths for employees and institutes superior internal safety and HR processes.
  • Holly Groff, Director of Benefits for the Tel Hai Retirement Community.  
  • Rhiannah Tucker, HR Representative for Cooper-Booth Wholesale Company.
  • Joyce Hostetler, Asstistant VP of HR at Donegal Mutual Insurance Company.