Build Your Acumen Through Experience

Exploration, Research, & Resources

Whether you are exporing majors, potential careers, or industries, there are numerous  websites and resources that can help you. 


On-Campus Student Employment

Working on campus can be a great way to build experience while working in an environment that understands the needs of a full time F&M student.  Learn more about options and opportunities.  

On-Campus Employment

Crosswalk Virtual Externship Program

Specifically designed to provide rising sophomores through seniors with a meaningful and marketable summer experience, F&M's Crosswalk Experience is a one-week program that provides you with a glimpse into specific fields while connecting you with F&M alumni and parent externship hosts. 

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Internships for Credit & Not for Credit

Experience industries which interest you via academic year and summer internships.  Learn more about how you can secure internships and, if desired, obtain credit for your experience.  

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Summer Experience Funding

Learn more about opportunities for students to gain funding toward unpaid or minimally paid summer experiences.

Funding Opportunities

Volunteer & Service

In addition to giving back to one's community, volunteering and service provide opportunities to develop new skills or build on existing experiences and knowledge.

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Seek & Secure Post-Graduate Opportunties

Building upon your academic, extra-curricular, and summer experiences, OSPGD's team will help you identify and prepare for post-graduate opportunities in your field of interest.

Post-Grad Opportunities

Summer Experience Fair

Practice telling  the story of your summer research, volunteer, off-campus study, or entrepreneurial experience to alumni, families, and friends of the College during True Blue Weekend. 

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Fellowships, Grants, & Off-Campus Study

Academic, personal, intercultural and professional development await those who pursue  fellowships, research, academic travel and off-campus study.  

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