Applying for an "IFC": the  Internship for Credit Experience 

Students who wish to obtain credit for an academic year or summer internship experience must complete each of the following steps before the application deadlines.  

Because the application and registration process may take one to two weeks,  you will need to complete all of these steps at least several days before the application deadline. In addition to the resources below, please consult the college catalog, which contains additional Internship For Credit (IFC) resources and information.  Please note:  Per the college catalog, "All IFCs are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.  Credit earned for passing an IFC will, accordingly, not count toward a student’s major or minor."

Registering Your Internship for Credit (IFC)
  1. Download the IFC Application from this page. *For electronic signatures, you can set up your application .pdf with Adobe Sign for each faculty member and your employer. Alternatively, they can send an email to you or to stating their approval.

  2. Complete and sign the "Student Section" of the IFC Application.

  3. Forward the "Employer Section" to your Internship Supervisor for them to complete and sign.  (The Employer will need to provide a job description, which includes your internship tasks and responsibilities, as well as an internship offer letter). 

  4. Meet with the F&M Faculty member who has agreed to be the Sponsor for your IFC and develop an Educational Plan with them which summarizes the academic component(s) and work product(s) which will result from the IFC.  (A sample Educational Plan is available for download, below, and may be used to structure your own plan.)

  5. After your F&M Faculty Sponsor has completed and signed the IFC application, forward the application and Educational Plan to your F&M Faculty Sponsor's Department Chairperson and your F&M Academic Advisor to obtain their signatures. 

  6. If you are an F-1 international student, you must complete and include the "F-1 Student Section" of the application.

  7. Having obtained all F&M faculty and employer signatures (or approval emails), email the complete application, Educational Plan, Job Offer, and Job Description to to obtain the approval of the Director of  Employer & Community Partnerships.  Please note that your application will not be approved without a copy of your Educational Plan, Job Description, and Job Offer.  

  8. Once the application is deemed complete, OSGPD will deliver the original application to the Registrar’s office within 24 hours.  You will receive an email and PDF of your completed application, with the OSPGD signatures.  

Upon completion of your internship, the internship supervisor should complete the IFC Employer Evaluation Form (below).  This form must be returned to your F&M Faculty Sponsor at least two (2) weeks before the end of the semester.


Application Deadlines:

Complete applications must be submitted to for review and approval by the dates indicated below. OSPGD will deliver approved applications to the Office of the Registrar by the Drop/Add deadline for each session. 

Summer 2023Friday, July 7, 2023 at 3:00pm EDT -  Applications submitted by the student after the Registrar’s Drop/Add deadline for Summer Session II will be charged a $100 late fee and will be required to complete a petition to the Committee on Academic Status (CAS). 

  • Pricing for Summer 2023 IFCs: 
    • $2,051 for 1 full credit and
    • $1,026 for a 1/2 credit. 

Spring 2023 :  Friday, January  20th at 3:00pm EST

Fall 2022:  Friday, September 2nd at 3:00pm EDT


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above

  • To earn 1 credit, students must intern for 96 (or more) hours during a semester or summer.

  • To earn a 1/2 credit, students must intern for 46 - 95 hours during a semester or summer.

  • Only 2 course credits from internships may count toward the completion of graduation requirements.

  • During the academic year, there is no additional fee for an internship for credit UNLESS the student is enrolled as a part-time student (less than 3 credits).

Note:  If you do not meet the GPA requirement or are submitting a late application, you must petition the Committee on Academic Status (CAS) for an exemption to these policies.  Please see the CAS webpage


International Students

If you are applying for an Internship for Credit, please contact Jessica Haile, Office of International Programs, at for information about specific requirements, including Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Please allow one week to obtain CPT authorization.  Questions about CPT should be directed to the Office of International Programs.


General Questions? -- Email us at