Identifying and Competing for Post-Graduate Opportunities

No matter what your post-graduate plans, goals, or path may be, OSPGD can support you with connections and resources.   While your search may begin with an advising appointment with one of our Student Development Advisers, you will most likely use resources  such as  Handshake (F&M's job, internship, resource, and event database) and our checklist for an effective job search.  Further resources are located here


Handshake is F&M's job and internship database, and houses all of OSPGD's resources.  Employers in Handshake include local, state and national organizations and companies as well as all F&M on-campus departments/offices. 

Current Student Log in - two options for accessing Handshake

  1. Option 1:  Use this link and then your net ID and password to log in. 

  2. Option 2:  Log into InsideF&M (see below image)

  • inside f m handshake

Job Search Check List 

The check list below can help you stay organized no matter what type of opportunity you are seeking. 

  My job search is focused on specific job titles, field(s) of interest, and geography

  I can clearly explain the interest I have in my target positions and fields of interest

  I have made a specific time commitment for my job search

  I utilize a tracking system and calendar to organize my search activities, applications, and networking/relationship building

  I can articulate how my strengths and skills align with target employers' needs and interests

  I have conducted informational interviews with professionals in my field of interest

  I have developed a professional branding statement that I can use to introduce myself to contacts, in response to interview questions, and in articulating my strengths

  I know how to introduce myself and start a conversation

  I have a list of at least 20 organizations that appeal to me and 20 potential networking contacts

  I am familiar with professional associations related to my field

  I am familiar with and regularly visit job databases related to my field of interest

  I have tailored my resume/CV to my field(s) of interest

  I research organizations of interest and create cover letters for each position to which I apply

  I understand that networking and relationship building are the best routes to career opportunities and am actively building and developing my network

  I have told everyone I know about my search and area(s) of interest

  I follow up on every application I submit and reach out to every contact to whom I have been referred, in a timely manner

  I keep my network informed of my status and progress in my search

  I send personalized thank you notes after interviews, and informational interviews, and informal networking conversations

☐  I have developed key narratives to share during interviews

  I have practiced answering and am familiar with common interview questions

Job & Internship Research

There are a number of different tools that you can use in your job and internship search. Networking is a great way to learn about companies and positions.  Job boards are another good tool, and there are hundreds of them.  We encourage you to be vigilant when applying to positions and to research opportunities and employers well before applying.  While we hope that  you will not encounter any fraudulent job or internship postings, we realize that fraudulent employers exist and are sometimes difficult to spot.  Review the below document for common red flags to look for and tips for researching companies and opportunities.