F&M Donors Enrich Students' Summers 

Recognizing the value of summer experiences and the financial hardship posed by those that are unpaid or underpaid, many generous donors have supported these opportunities for F&M students. Each year OSPGD facilitates processes through which students can apply for funding toward summer internships, research, volunteer, and other experiences that will increase their professional marketability on a trajectory of success.


2021 Summer Experience Fair

Held annually during True Blue Weekend, the Summer Experience Fair features 50+ remarkable students sharing the stories of their summer internships, research, academic travel, volunteering, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

How students spent the summer

2020 Summer Experience Fair (Virtual)

In spite of the challenges of the global pandemic, our students found creative ways to volunteer, intern, conduct research, and start their own businesses. Their experiences are captured throughout this site via presentations and slides. 

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Funded Student Class Years: Summer 2021

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Funded Student Experiences: Summer 2021

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Are you a donor?

Due to the frequent unpaid or minimally paid nature of these transformative opportunities, many students would not be able to accept these positions if not for the generous support of F&M's donors. To learn more about how you can support these enriching summer experiences for students, or if you have questions, please contact us.

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Are you a student looking for funding?

OSPGD welcomes applicants to the Summer Experience Funds with or without a summer experience already secured by the time of application submission. Applications typically open in January with a deadline in early March. 

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