F&M Donors Enrich Students' Summers

Recognizing the value of summer experiences and the financial hardship posed by those that are unpaid or underpaid, many generous donors have supported these opportunities for F&M students. Each year OSPGD facilitates processes through which students can apply for funding toward summer internships, research, volunteer, and other experiences that will increase their professional marketability on a trajectory of success.


2022 Summer Experience Fair

The 2022 Fall Research Fair & Summer Experience Fair featured 175+ F&M students sharing the stories of their summer internships, research, academic travel, and volunteering during True Blue Weekend. 

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Funded Student Class Years: Summer 2022

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Funded Student Experiences: Summer 2022

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Are you a donor?

Due to the frequent unpaid or minimally paid nature of these transformative opportunities, many students would not be able to accept these positions if not for the generous support of F&M's donors. To learn more about how you can support these enriching summer experiences for students, or if you have questions, please contact us.

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Are you a student looking for funding?

OSPGD welcomes applicants to the Summer Experience Funds with or without a summer experience already secured by the time of application submission. Applications typically open in January with a deadline in early March. 

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