Advising for Life Beyond College

OSPGD's Life After F&M tool showcases the career paths of thousands F&M graduates across majors and clearly reflects that many paths can flow from any one of our 30+ majors. Whether or not you know what path you may want to pursue, or the experience and acumen you will need to be competitive for that field, OSPGD's advising team can help you.  Below you will find information about OSPGD's student advising services.  

Please select your college house or specific professions adviser and make your in-person or virtual appointment via the self-scheduling links below.  If you need to cancel your appointment or if you have any scheduling issues, please call or email the office at 717-358-4084 or

Students:  Please ensure that your calendar is set for Eastern Standard Time (EST) which, in Google calendar settings is (GMT-00:00 Eastern Time), and that you are using your F&M email address when booking an appointment.  If you have any challenges accessing the Google Calendar, feel free to reach out to your OSPGD Student Development or Pre-Professional Advisor directly via email or phone.

If you are ill and/or experiencing any COVID-19, cold, or flu-like symptoms at the time of your appointment, please consider meeting via Zoom or rescheduling. Contact to make any changes to your appointment reservation. 


Drop-In Hours

Have a quick question? You will be able to meet for 15 minutes, 1-on-1, with an adviser during drop-in hours beginning September 7, 2021:

  • Tuesdays, Wednesday, & Thursdays:  2:00 - 4:30pm



  • Ware & Weis College Houses

    Click here to schedule an appointment with Senior Student Development Adviser Kathy Babb, M.S.Ed.  

  • Brooks & Roschel College Houses

    Click here to schedule an appointment with Student Development Adviser Ashley C. Fry.

  • Bonchek College House

    Click here to schedule an appointment with Student Development Adviser Stephanie Kessler.  


  • Health Professions Advising

    Click here to make an appointment with Marissa Sheaf, M.S.Ed Director of Health Professions Advising.


  • Legal Professions Advising

    Click here to schedule an appointment with Michael Vitlip, J.D.

  • STEM Professions Advising

    Click here to schedule an appointment with Mike Vitlip, J.D., Director of Legal and Stem Professions Advising

Meet OSPGD's Student Development Advisers

SDA for Ware and Weis College House Students 

Senior Student Development Adviser
Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development



Office: Harwood Commons 107

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SDA for Brooks and Roschel College House Students 



Office: Harwood Commons

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SDA for Bonchek College House Students 

Student Employment Associate Manager; Student Development Adviser
Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development



Office: Harwood Commons

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Meet OSPGD's Specialized Advising Team

Director of Health Professions Advising
Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development



Office: Harwood Commons

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Director of Legal & STEM Professions Advising
Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development



Office: Harwood Commons, Room 103

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