Art & Art History

Select Entry Level Positions held by recent Art and Art History graduates:

  • Assistant Digital Strategist
  • Assistant Director of Annual Giving
  • Child and Newborn Photographer
  • College Advisor
  • Intern for Technical Preservation Services
  • Museum Educator
  • Photo Intern
  • Program Intern
  • Research Associate
  • Sales Associate


Select Mid-Level and Senior Positions held by Art and Art History graduates:


Select Employers where Art and Art History graduates work or have recently worked:

  • Baldhead Island Conservancy
  • China Development Holdings Ltd.
  • Hill Holiday
  • Lancaster Museum of Art
  • New Britain Museum of American Art
  • New York Aquarium
  • Pennsylvania College Advising Corps
  • Seventeen Magazine
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • The National Park Services


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