On-Campus Housing

[Last updated April 1]

Spring 2021 On-Campus Housing Overview

  • Students who elected to come to campus were required to sign and adhere to all aspects of the F&M Pledge. Failure to abide by these provisions will result in disciplinary action which may include removal from housing and a requirement to study remotely for the remainder of the term.

  • On-campus housing locations for spring 2021 are primarily in the five College Houses with limited space available in Thomas and Dietz Halls and in the small college-owned houses proximate to the campus. All rooms have been designated as single rooms and the same rate was charged for all spaces.

  • Schnader Hall is currently serving as the College’s quarantine and isolation housing.

  • To accommodate the health and safety of our resident students, significant changes have been made to our traditional housing processes including the transition to all single rooms and a new neighborhood group housing option.

    • We de-densified the campus by reducing residential capacity, offering single rooms to all students. In addition, we considered the ratio of beds to bathroom fixtures so that fewer students will utilize bathroom facilities.

    • In order to reduce residential capacity, first-years are required to continue remote instruction in the spring, with the exception of those with extenuating circumstances who successfully petitioned for an exception to stay on campus.

    • The spring housing placement plan prioritizes safety, equity, and efficiency. Any student who believes they have a need for a special housing accommodation based on a documented disability should have submitted their accommodation request to Student Accessibility Services.

    • Spring 2021 room assignments were made through a placement process.


Fall 2021: Housing Placement Process

Please see this email for more information on housing options, selection process, cost, and more.



See below for answers to the following questions:

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How are students housed on campus? Do they have roommates?

F&M is committed to housing its students on campus as safely as possible. All students are in single rooms.

Where are students housed if affected by COVID-19?

Learn more about where students are housed if affected by COVID-19.

How much does College-owned housing cost given these changes?

All students living in College-owned housing (on or off campus) will be charged the same flat rate equal to the standard double rate.

Were any students allowed to stay on campus over winter break?

Planning your exit strategy is an essential part of arriving on campus. The College closed on Sunday, November 22 for winter break. At the time of closing, ALL students (both domestic and international) were required to leave campus and remove all items from their room.

Can students store their belongings on campus or in a nearby storage facility over winter break? 

Students living in campus-owned residences are not allowed to keep their belongings in their rooms over winter break. Groff’s Storage is available to students who wish to store their belongings near campus.

Are students still sharing bathrooms?

Yes, some students are still sharing bathrooms. However, the College has closely examined the fixture counts (toilets, sinks, and showers) to ensure the ratio of students to fixtures is 5:1 or lower. Face coverings should be worn in bathrooms except when using the sink or shower. Students should use the same bathroom fixtures (e.g., stall, sink, shower, etc.) as consistently as possible. Protective barriers will be installed between sinks, where feasible. Students will not be able to keep toiletries in the bathroom and are encouraged to wipe down the bathroom fixtures after use with disinfecting wipes provided. We request that you do not remove the wipes from the bathrooms so that all students may access them.

Are single rooms available for all those who require this option for health reasons?

Yes, the College is housing all students in single rooms and is ensuring single rooms are made available to all students who require a single for health reasons.

Are students required to clean and disinfect their own rooms / dorms?

Students are expected to keep their residential spaces clean and to clean shared spaces and surfaces after use. Supplies were provided for shared bathrooms and common spaces to keep the space clean between professional cleanings.

Are there entrance and egress protocols in the residence halls?

Students should always enter and exit the building using the exterior door nearest to their room. They should not travel through hallways that are not their own unless there is no other option for accessing the nearest bathroom, entrance, or exit. In the event of an emergency, exit the building using the most direct and safest route possible. Face coverings should always be used in hallways.

Are students able to gather in College House common areas?

Yes, but with restrictions to make spaces safer. Residence hall lounges each have a maximum occupancy in order to ensure physical distancing. Limited gatherings are permitted within residential space with restrictions based on space, location, and in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines. Face coverings must be worn in public settings. At the conclusion of the gathering, all surfaces must be wiped down with provided disinfectant products.

Learn more about student gatherings.

Can students gather in dorm rooms / residences?

Gatherings in bedrooms, suite spaces and common rooms of apartments and houses are dependent on the campus alert level. Learn more about campus life restrictions by alert level and student gatherings.

Are students able to use the residence hall laundry rooms?

Yes. However, due to the size of most laundry spaces, we recommend only one student be present at any time. If more than one student is present, please observe social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering. Students are required to use precautionary sanitizing practices such as wiping shared surfaces after each use.

Please also visit the CSC ServiceWorks website (our laundry provider), where you can find a plethora of resources including how to properly clean your face covering, videos covering laundry room guidelines during COVID-19 and laundry while social distancing, and more.

Are College House kitchens open?

Kitchen spaces in College Houses are closed.

If College House kitchens are closed, can students cook in their rooms?

No. The use of cooking equipment in your room is prohibited for fire safety and sanitation. Hot plates, stand-alone microwave ovens, instant pots, toasters and toaster ovens, and rice cookers are not permitted. Prohibited items will be confiscated when found in student living space (rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and common space/lounge).

Rental microfridges are approved and allowed in rooms.

Do students have access to other College Houses and are they able to visit friends in other Houses?

Gatherings in bedrooms, suite spaces and common rooms of apartments and houses are dependent on the campus alert level. Students have card access only to their assigned residence hall and are not permitted in any other residence hall on campus. Students are discouraged from inviting any students living in other residence halls into their rooms, suites, or residence hall common spaces. This is necessary because the density of the residence halls needs to be carefully maintained to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. While we understand that students will visit friends in other halls, completely unlimited building access is inconsistent with our need to maintain physical distancing to the extent we are able.

Learn more about campus life restrictions by alert level and student gatherings.

Can students have non-F&M guests or visitors in their residence spaces?

Guests from outside the College, including friends, family and alumni, are not allowed in campus residential spaces during the fall term. Get more information on our visitor policy.