[Last updated March 9]

Current Masking Mandate

Masks will be OPTIONAL in most spaces for everyone who is asymptomatic, regardless of vaccination status.


Masks will continue to be required for individuals with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID. Masks also will still be required in higher-risk settings such as the Student Wellness Center and in isolation spaces.

When wearing a mask, the College strongly encourages the use of a fitted N95 or KN95 mask on campus in accordance with CDC masking guidance. A medical-grade surgical mask worn under a cloth mask may be used in the absence of an N95 or KN95 mask. We are strongly discouraging the use of non-medical-grade surgical masks and cloth masks. Gators, scarves, etc. are  unacceptable alternatives to masks. Masks must cover both your mouth and your nose.

Be a Diplomat and respect others’ decision to wear a mask. Many members of our campus community will continue to wear face masks, regardless of the community transmission level and their vaccination status, and the College supports their choice to do so. Individuals who choose to wear masks should not be questioned about them, nor should they be discouraged or prohibited from wearing them.

Any individual may request that others wear masks in their shared space (office, classroom, residential room, meeting room, etc.). We expect that members of our community will be respectful of others’ request to wear a mask. Individuals who wish to request the continued use of masks in their shared space should notify others in advance. 

It is ultimately an individual's personal decision to wear or to not wear a mask.

It’s critical that we function as a considerate community whose members communicate effectively with one another, respecting others’ concerns and working together to maintain an environment in which everyone feels comfortable.


Especially in a mask-optional environment, it is imperative that everyone help to prevent the spread of COVID by getting tested if they are symptomatic and following the appropriate isolation protocols if they test positive.