[Last updated Oct. 4] 


COVID-19 Ongoing Testing

For students and employees who are fully vaccinated:

  • COVID-19 ongoing testing is not required. 

  • Please monitor yourself daily for symptoms; if you are a student and are feeling ill, contact the Student Wellness Center. Learn what to do if you are feeling ill inside or outside SWC hours.

  • If you are an employee and feeling ill, please return home and contact your physician.


For students and employees who are not fully vaccinated:

Consequences for Missed Testing

Unvaccinated individuals who fail to participate in mandatory COVID-19 testing in accordance with the College's COVID-19 health and safety requirements will be subject to the following actions if they miss their allotted testing time and fail to reschedule the missed test for the same week:

First Miss

If you have missed a test, the testing coordinator will reach out to you to remind you of your responsibility to be tested weekly. Before your next test appointment, you should use vigilant mitigating efforts (masking and physical distancing). If you’re experiencing symptoms, please call the Student Wellness Center (students) or your primary care physician (faculty and staff) for guidance.

Second Miss

A second missed test will be reported by the testing coordinator to the following individuals for follow-up:

  • Dean of Students (for students)
  • Associate Dean (for faculty)
  • Human Resources and/or a supervisor (staff)

Again, extra caution should be used prior to your next weekly test.

Third Miss

You will be placed on a two-week leave of absence and will have to leave campus. Students will be responsible for working with their faculty members to make arrangements, if possible, to keep up with class work. Faculty and staff may not use sick leave for this time. To return to campus you will need to provide a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of your return.

F&M also reserves the right to place a student on a leave of absence for the remainder of the semester if the student demonstrates a pattern of missed tests beyond three occurrences in a semester, or otherwise engages in a pattern of misconduct in violation of the College's health and safety requirements.  

Contact Tracing 

The Student Wellness Center (SWC) will conduct contact tracing on any student who tests positive through ongoing weekly testing, clinical testing at the SWC, or through outside testing (students who test positive through an outside testing provider must notify the Student Wellness Center). 

  • The student who tests positive will provide a list of close contacts to the SWC. The SWC will then reach out to the identified individuals within 24 hours to discuss next steps according to the contact's state of health at the time of contact and vaccination status.  Only campus contacts will be contacted by the SWC. The PA Department of Health is responsible for non-campus contact tracing.

  • For close contacts who are fully vaccinated:

    • Asymptomatic vaccinated students who are identified close contacts do not need to formally quarantine, but should wear a mask in public indoor spaces for at least 14 days after exposure.

    • They should monitor themselves for any symptom development and be evaluated and tested should symptoms develop.

    • Vaccinated close contacts should be tested for COVID 5-7 days after their last exposure to the positive individual to decrease potential asymptomatic spread. This testing can be done through the SWC.  

  • For close contacts who are not fully vaccinated:

    • Unvaccinated students who are identified close contacts will be required to formally quarantine.

    • Formal quarantine lasts 14 days following the date of the last exposure to the positive individual. There is a potential for early release if the close contact remains asymptomatic and with a negative PCR test at least 7 days from last exposure. The ultimate release date will be determined by the SWC based on all of the above information.

    • Unvaccinated students can continue their regularly scheduled testing during their quarantine provided they remain asymptomatic.

If you are not contacted by the SWC within 24 hours of possible exposure but feel you may be a close contact, please call the SWC to discuss your concerns.


COVID-19 Symptomatic Testing

What should students and employees do if they develop symptoms associated with COVID-19?

Students experiencing symptoms, regardless of their vaccination status, should immediately contact the Student Wellness Center (SWC), which will help them complete a medical evaluation and determine whether to perform a COVID-19 test. If an employee develops symptoms during the day, they should alert their supervisor, return home, and contact their primary care provider.

If you’re a student and you’re feeling ill outside of SWC hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday), there are a few routes you can take:

  • If your concern can wait until the SWC reopens, please call and leave a message on the nurse line. 

  • If you have a concern that is not an emergency but you feel it cannot wait until SWC re-opens:

    • You can schedule a video appointment with a provider by calling PennMedicine OnDemand at 717-544-2222. Get more information regarding OnDemand visits.

    • You can visit a local Urgent Care facility. Access facility addresses, hours, and wait times for Lancaster General Urgent Cares.

    • If your concern occurs before or after the above Student Wellness Center hours and it is an emergency – please call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 717.358.3939 or 911 if it is a life-threatening emergency.

    • If you go off-campus for medical attention related to concerns about possibly having COVID-19 and get a positive test result, please contact the College upon your arrival back to campus. If calling within SWC hours, please contact them at 717-544-9051. If calling after SWC hours, please contact DPS at 717-358-3939.



What testing provider is the College using and what is their testing procedure? What is the estimated turnaround time for test results?

F&M is working with the local firm CNS Occupational Medicine for student and employee COVID-19 testing. CNS offers testing materials, staffing, and the laboratory connections for processing. 

  • Testing will occur one or two days per week on campus in 1787 (Lower Level, College Square).

  • A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test involving a nasal swab administered by a medical professional is used.

  • Results are confidential and sent to the student/employee as well as to the College within 1-2 days.

Will COVID-19 testing conducted be free to students? Will the school’s health insurance cover COVID-19 testing and illness thereafter?

The COVID-19 entry testing and ongoing testing are at the College’s expense.

Our student health plan covers COVID-19 testing and illness if the test is deemed “medically necessary” due to contact with an infected individual or being suspected of being COVID-19 positive. These tests will typically be conducted at the Student Wellness Center. Any expenses for treatment would be covered following the plan’s details, including any deductible. The definition of “medically necessary” can vary across insurance companies. Our presumption is that other health plans will cover such expenses per their usual protocols.

Can fully vaccinated students and employees still choose to participate in the College’s ongoing testing?

No. We encourage fully vaccinated students and employees who are asymptomatic and interested in getting a COVID-19 test to visit a local COVID-19 testing site. 

Why  is the College not conducting surveillance testing of everyone?

F&M is not conducting surveillance testing of students or employees who are fully vaccinated because routine testing of asymptomatic vaccinated individuals is not recommended at this time by our public health consultants or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Breakthrough infections are uncommon (1% or less of vaccinated individuals will experience this), and for a vaccinated person, the period of time during which they might transmit the virus is very short. In addition, with our very high vaccination rates (about 97% of students and 99% of employees) and the very low incidence of COVID among vaccinated individuals, random surveillance testing is unlikely to be a reliable indicator. However, future scenarios could lead to a change in this protocol, especially if the number of breakthrough infections on campus significantly increases.


Without surveillance testing of everyone, how will the College know if there is an outbreak on campus?

There are three indicators F&M is monitoring to determine the presence of an outbreak in our highly vaccinated campus community. If an outbreak occurs on campus, there would be notable increases in the number of positive cases presenting in 1) our weekly testing of unvaccinated individuals, 2) the Student Wellness Center’s clinical testing of symptomatic students, and 3) off-campus testing of COVID-positive students as reported to the Student Wellness Center and of COVID-positive employees as reported to Human Resources.


COVID-19 Entry Testing

(Entry testing was conducted in August and September 2021 for returning students and employees who were not fully vaccinated)

For students who are fully vaccinated:

  • COVID-19 Entry Testing is not required. However, we strongly recommend that vaccinated students get a PCR COVID-19 test within the 72-hour period prior to your arrival. (You do not need to share your test results with the College unless you test positive.)

  • Please report directly to the welcome center (ASFC) when you arrive on campus or to your residence according to the move-in instructions provided for your class year and/or residence.


For students who are not fully vaccinated:

  • COVID-19 Entry testing is required. 

  • There are two options for entry testing:

    • You may send a negative PCR COVID-19 test result to the Student Wellness Center (SWC) at studentwellness@fandm.edu within the 72-hour period prior to your arrival. This option is recommended for students participating in pre-orientation / orientation programs.


    • You may participate in the College’s entry testing upon arrival followed by modified quarantine until you receive a negative test result.


COVID-19 On-Campus Entry Testing Protocol

  • Upon arrival, please report first to the welcome center (ASFC). 

  • Entry testing will take place in the College’s testing center located in 1787 (Lower Level of College Square) where a medical professional will administer a PCR nasal swab test. ONLY after checking in and testing may you proceed to your residence hall and begin moving your belongings into your room.

  • After you receive your test and move into your room, you will be required to enter a modified quarantine in your room until you receive a negative result from your arrival test. Test results are expected in 1-2 days. During modified quarantine, you are permitted to leave your room only to use the restroom, obtain “grab & go” food from the dining hall, or receive urgent medical services (like COVID-19 testing or supplies). Students in off-campus housing should prepare to have enough groceries (and other important supplies such as prescriptions) in advance of their COVID-19 test and subsequent modified quarantine. 

  • You must wear a mask, maintain physical distance, and follow other safety protocols in all public and shared spaces, upon your arrival, during your modified quarantine, and even after you have received a negative test result. These safety measures are optional ONLY if you are fully vaccinated.

  • You may not participate in any in-person activities, including in-person classes, until you receive a negative test result and can safely end your quarantine. Students in modified quarantine should contact their faculty about how best to participate in their courses.