[Last updated Oct. 7] 

The Franklin & Marshall College campus is open to visitors. In fall 2021, campus buildings will be accessible to the public, with some possible exceptions, during their normal operating hours.

Masking Protocol for Visitors

Our masking protocol will depend on our campus alert level, which is impacted by various factors, including campus indicators and local COVID-19 transmission levels. The masking protocol for visitors is generally the same as for students and employees. Get information on our campus masking requirements here.

Masking protocols for visitors may vary by event. Event organizers may choose to require masks of non-F&M participants, regardless of the campus alert level and participants’ vaccination status.

Regardless of vaccination status, all visitors should complete a self-check for and be free of  COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus. Those who are experiencing symptoms should not come to campus and reschedule their visit for another day.

For the safety of our campus community, neighbors, and visitors, all F&M students and employees are fully vaccinated or have been granted vaccination exemptions for medical or religious reasons.


Overnight Visitors

Students who wish to host overnight guests (who are not current F&M students) in their on-campus or off-campus rooms must adhere to the College's residential life and property management guidelines. For the 2021-22 academic year, students are permitted to only allow fully vaccinated guests into their living spaces for overnight stays. Proof of vaccination status must be provided if requested.



There are no gathering size limits  for  outdoor gatherings. Outdoor areas should be used as community gathering spaces whenever possible.   

The College has allowed for increased attendance at indoor gatherings. Indoor gatherings may occur at up to the full capacity of a given indoor space.

Food and drink are allowed at gatherings.


Athletic Events

For more information on protocols at athletic events, view the F&M College Athletics Fall 2021 Spectator Policy