December 2020

Video of the Month

Enjoy this "Alumni Master Class" featuring Lisa Seidman '79, who has written for television for 35 years and produced TV shows in Russia.  

Alumni Master Class: Lisa Seidman ’79

COVID – the Latest Updates from F&M

Remember to check for the latest Pandemic Operations Information, including any recent updates for students and parents, and to find F&M's latest COVID-19 Dashboard.

Hire an F&M Student for a Short-Term Professional Assignment

You have the opportunity to retain an F&M student or graduate for a micro-internship to help you, your business or employer with a short-term professional assignment in the coming months!

A micro-internship typically ranges from 5 to 80 hours of work, and may take between 1 to 4 weeks to complete. Projects should be professional and not personal in nature, and do not require affiliation with a formal organization (e.g. can support a start-up or early-stage business).

Learn more here.

The COVID-19 Job Market Can Be Intimidating. Here’s How We’re Helping

“This is not the 2008 recession.”

Though the comparisons may seem clear-cut (an abundance of layoffs, employment uncertainty after graduation and more), Beth Throne ’95, associate vice president for student and post-graduate development, noted the COVID-19 job market trends are vastly different from those of the 2008 recession.

“With COVID-19, the entry-level labor market has significantly changed,” she said. “And in a remote economy, the skill set required for graduates to compete for opportunities is different.”

Entry-level jobs now require more than a degree—they require experience. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever that undergraduates secure summer experiences related to their degree. But how can students develop these required skills when the pandemic is making it more difficult to secure internships and summer experiences?

To help ideally position Franklin & Marshall students for the COVID-19 job market, the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) is creating a series of skill-building opportunities and experiences during F&M’s winter recess and J-Term.

These opportunities kick off Monday, Jan. 11, with a virtual training in programming. By partnering with SAS, a global leader in data analytics software and services, OSPGD is offering a free one-week training program so students can gain one of the most marketable and lucrative programming skills.

In addition to this training, OSPGD is facilitating micro-internships through the True Blue Network. Opportunities include designing a logo or website, working on a literature review, completing research in education, and analyzing data.

OSPGD will also be holding three Crosswalk (College-to-Career) Virtual Externships. A one-week experience created this summer, Crosswalk provides students with a glimpse into different career paths within specific fields. Over the summer, Crosswalk explored education, science and research, and human resources; this winter, students can explore public health, communications, or finance.

To further engage and support students’ career paths, OSPGD will host its first virtual job and internship fair on Friday, Jan. 22, an adaptation of an event they’ve been holding for more than five years.

“We’re intentionally designing experiences that make us responsive to the labor market,” Throne said.

The path after graduation doesn’t have to be treacherous—even during a pandemic. With OSPGD, students will have numerous opportunities to build their resumés and gain the skills needed to find employment after graduation.

Wondering How our First-Year International Students Studied at F&M this Semester?

F&M offered a one-of-a-kind academic experience for first-year international students who may not have otherwise been able to receive an F&M education; five “cohorts” were formed, providing home bases around the world for these students. Read more here.

F&M Professor is Breaking the Diversity Barrier in Science

A Franklin & Marshall College professor is helping to break a barrier in physics that keeps the field less diverse than it could be. Read more here.

Reminder of Important Upcoming Dates  

Winter recess began Thursday, Dec. 3. Important upcoming dates for your calendar:

Monday, Jan. 4
January Term (J-term) classes begin

Thursday, Jan. 28
J-term classes end

Friday, Jan. 29
J-term final examinations

Monday, Feb. 1
Module 3 classes begin

Friday, March 12
Module 3 classes end

Monday, March 15, and Tuesday, March 16
Module 3 reading days

Wednesday, March 17, through Friday, March 19
Module 3 final examinations

Monday, March 22
Module 4 classes begin

Friday, April 30
Module 4 classes end

Monday, May 3, through Thursday, May 6
Module 4 reading days

Friday, May 7, through Monday, May 10
Module 4 final examinations

Pulitzer Prize Winner Jericho Brown Visited F&M

A decade after visiting Franklin & Marshall College as part of one of the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House’s Emerging Writers Festival, poet Jericho Brown returned to campus as part of Virtual True Blue Weekend. Read the story of his presentation here.

Supporting the Franklin & Marshall Fund

Agile. Creative. Dauntless. Committed.

After facing a year of uncertainty, change and countless unprecedented experiences, these adjectives perfectly describe F&M students.

Our exceptional students, together with their amazing professors, took 2020 and transformed it into a year of growth, opportunity, influence and possibility. Where they saw a red light, they turned it to green. The liberal arts are alive and well at Franklin & Marshall College, and whether our students studied online or in person, they expanded their horizons and stretched their assumptions.

Many of our students depend upon the support of alumni, parents and friends to assist them in their college journeys, through financial aid and scholarships. Many thanks to you if you have already supported the Franklin & Marshall Fund this year; if you have not yet done so, please consider supporting the students of F&M. And, in December, your gift can earn you a special thank you!

If Franklin & Marshall will be part of your year-end giving, please be aware of these dates.

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