April 2021

 Video of the Month

Next week is F&M's second annual Day of Giving. Check out the preview trailer here.

COVID – the Latest Updates from F&M

Remember to check for the latest Pandemic Operations Information, including any recent updates for students and parents, and to find the link for F&M's latest COVID-19 Dashboard, updated every Tuesday and Friday.

OSPGD Update

2020 Graduates Find Success Despite Tumultuous Job Market

Beginning in their first year and well after they graduate, Franklin & Marshall College’s nationally recognized Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) helps students position themselves for success beyond the classroom and F&M. That assistance begins in a student’s first year and continues well after graduation. But, even with the competitive advantage of their access to OSPGD, the Class of 2020 needed to tackle the unique challenges of a COVID-disrupted labor market.

“Our 2020 graduates faced substantially lower hiring rates, a more competitive entry-level market, and delayed start dates with employers struggling to adapt to remote workforce realities,” said Beth Throne '95, associate vice president of student and post-graduate development.

OSPGD quickly stepped up to the plate to provide enhanced support, including launching the True Blue Network, an online F&M community specifically designed to foster mentor connections among students and alumni and to offer the opportunity for referrals. OSPGD’s alumni advising team spent last summer reaching out to every 2020 graduate, not only to offer the usual post-graduate support, but also to help with connections to alumni, parents and resources that would help the graduates land more swiftly and securely in an unprecedented labor market.

These efforts proved to be immensely successful. Within six months of graduation, more than 93 percent of 2020 graduates were employed or pursuing further education.

“F&M’s curricular and co-curricular preparation provides graduates with the versatility to pivot among fields and opportunities in a ‘normal’ labor market,” Throne said. “In a pandemic-disrupted labor market, that preparation proved invaluable in helping graduates secure highly competitive opportunities for the near- and long-term.”

To capture just how superbly the 2020 class members landed, F&M has launched a Success Beyond F&M website, showcasing top industries, employers, graduate institutions, salary information, and more for the 2020 graduates—and beyond. Visit the site, and its interactive data visualization, to discover more about their success.

Reminder: Important Upcoming Dates

The end of the academic year is quickly approaching. Here are some important dates to keep in mind, in case you want to plan ahead or send your students some special words of encouragement on busy days.

We hope this is helpful for you!

Monday, April 12

• Fall course registration for rising seniors begins at 11 p.m.; access lasts for 24 hours

Tuesday, April 13

Day of Giving begins at 10 a.m. EDT

• Fall course registration for rising juniors begins at 11 p.m.; access lasts for 24 hours

Wednesday, April 14

Day of Giving ends at 5:47 p.m. EDT

• Fall course registration for rising sophomores begins at 11 p.m.; access lasts for 24 hours

Friday, April 30

• Module 4 classes end

All-College Awards Ceremony begins online at 5 p.m. EDT

Monday, May 3

• Module 4 reading days begin

Thursday, May 6

• Module 4 reading days end

Friday, May 7

• Module 4 final exams begin

Sunday, May 9

Residence hall move-out begins

Monday, May 10

• Module 4 final exams end

Tuesday, May 11

• Residence hall move-out ends

Saturday, May 15

Class of 2021 Commencement -- in-person at Clipper Stadium and online at 10 a.m. EDT

Friday, May 21

• Registration deadline for Summer Session I (all courses taught online, June 7-July 6)

Friday, June 25

• Registration deadline for Summer Session II (all courses taught online, July 12-Aug. 10)

Wednesday, June 30

• Returning students notified of financial aid awards

Care Corner

From Susan Knoll, Care Coordinator

F&M Office of Student Affairs

On Grief & Loss

This year has been one of the most, if not the most, trying times for your student. As a campus, we are trying to normalize the experience of grief and loss. All of us are experiencing it right now, whether it be from the loss of a family member or friend, a milestone, a routine, etc. The list goes on and on. We’re letting students know no loss is too big or small right now, as well as the importance of “naming and claiming” losses as part of the healing process. Lauren Firestone, director of Counseling Services, sent an email to students on the topic last week. Some advice she gave:

“How can you help a grieving friend? Be present as they walk through their rooms. It's so hard to do without support. Invite them to talk about their loss. Name their person or experience out loud. Check in. Let them cry without trying to make it stop. Ask them to take a walk or go for coffee. Let them know how much they matter to you. Then let them know again tomorrow.”

We thought this might be helpful for parents, too. If your students need additional support, a good first person to reach out to is their house dean. Thank you for all of your support.

Senior Parents – Commencement 2021 – New News!

Saturday, May 15

As you've probably heard, plans have changed since the article in the last Parents eNewsletter. If conditions allow, Commencement will now take place outside at Clipper Stadium, 650 N. Prince Street in Lancaster, near the F&M campus. The program will include both live and virtual components, and will be livestreamed and recorded.

The in-person event at Clipper Stadium will replace the smaller graduate recognition ceremonies originally planned for this month. Visit the Commencement 2021 website for the latest information.

Spring Research Fair

The Spring Research Fair, virtual this year, is always a chance for our amazing students to share their academic research. Even with the challenges brought by the pandemic, 23 students -- or groups of students -- working with faculty mentors, completed projects with topics ranging from health care to rabies to math. Check them out here: Spring Research Fair.

F&M Students Present at Oxford Consortium

Wow! Five Franklin & Marshall College students recently presented a paper explaining their research about the health care disparities among minority populations in Lancaster County to the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights. This is the first time F&M has participated in the consortium. Read more here.

Join Us for F&M's Second Annual Day of Giving in April

For 1,787 minutes, beginning Tuesday, April 13, at 10 a.m. EDT, the Franklin & Marshall College community -- parents, alumni, students, faculty and staff -- will once again come together to celebrate Day of Giving. Diplomats from across the globe will work together to support the programs, activities and departments of the College that define their F&M experience.

We are pleased to announce that several parents and alumni have offered challenges, which serve to multiply the impact of all gifts, including one of $178,700 to inspire others to help us reach our goal of 1,787 donors. It’s really simple: For every gift to the College, of any size, an additional $100 is being given to the College. Never before has there been a better time, or indeed, a more important time, to give.

Stay tuned, and on Tuesday, April 13 (or before – early giving is now open!), we hope to count you as part of the movement. You can help us propel the F&M community to achieve the astonishing during this year’s Day of Giving.

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