January 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year from all of us at Franklin & Marshall College! We are eager for the students to return for the spring semester (classes start Tuesday, Jan. 17), and we hope it’s been a restful yet productive break.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our newest students and their families. Whether they’ve been working, interning, studying abroad, or attending other colleges and universities, our incoming students will brighten our campus this spring. Welcome to the F&Mily!

All the best,

Maura Condon Umble '83
Director of Parent Relations and Campaign Initiatives



Academic Support for Students

For students, each semester brings a fresh start -- an opportunity to learn from the previous semester’s performances and move forward with a new slate of classes. New beginnings bring opportunities to take advantage of the various kinds of academic support available on campus. Encourage your student to:

  • Meet regularly with his or her academic adviser(s). The academic adviser is a great person with whom to regularly discuss academic plans, major/minor decision-making, etc.
  • Visit frequently with faculty during their office hours, not only to seek help on class-related items, but also to get to know professors and their subjects better.
  • Seek help with writing assignments at the Writing Center -- an excellent resource for all.
  • Receive tutoring in biology, chemistry, physics, economics, business, organizations and society (BOS), computer science, and stats at the Quantitative and Science Center.
  • Get help with research projects at either of the College libraries.
  • Seek guidance from Counseling Services regarding prioritizing academics while balancing extracurricular and personal activities.



Fall Housing Lottery

Believe it or not, it's already time for students to begin thinking about the fall housing lottery. The residence-selection website will be updated for the 2017-2018 academic year in February and will continue to be updated as information becomes available.

In February, students will begin to report their plans for securing off-campus housing. The theme house application phase will also occur at this time. Housing roadshows to educate students about the lottery process will begin in March, and the College typically issues lottery numbers when students return from spring break.

Important: Students who wish to live in either College Hill or College Row do not need to wait for the lottery to inquire and/or sign a lease in those locations; these properties’ managers are available now to discuss residency for fall 2017 through spring 2018. Both complexes offer lease agreements for 12 months only, so students should be sure of their decisions before signing a legally binding lease. Students who plan to study abroad in fall 2017 should not sign a lease nor can they participate in the lottery.

For more information about student housing, please visit this page. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Housing Lori Foust at lori.foust@fandm.edu.



Common Hour Spring 2017

Franklin & Marshall's Common Hour, which occurs weekly on Thursdays during the academic year, is a wonderful opportunity for the campus community to come together for an hour each week to engage in a campus-wide dialogue. If you're in town on a Thursday, please join us from 11:30 a.m. – 12:35 p.m. to take part in this wonderful program. We have some fascinating speakers coming to campus this spring, including J. Albert C. Uy, Ph.D., Aresty Chair in Tropical Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Miami, presenting "On the Origin of Species on Islands: The Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity," and Deborah Bial, founder and president of the Posse Foundation, presenting "Diversity in the Workplace Begins With Higher Education." Please take a look at the other brilliant speakers and topics that will be discussed this semester on the schedule page. Not going to be in town? You can watch recorded Common Hour programs online here



Sophomores Preparing to Declare a Major

Parents of sophomores may have had some discussions with their students over the winter break about important major declaration decisions they will soon be making. Whether your student is considering a single major, a double or joint major, a major and minor, or a special studies major, that choice will have a significant impact on his or her remaining experience on campus.

At a liberal arts college like F&M, we encourage students to choose a major in a discipline about which they are passionate. We recommend that students seek counsel with their academic advisers or that they connect with professors teaching in areas where they have interest. After choosing their majors, students may be assigned one of these professors as their major adviser. If a student has a particular connection with a faculty member, he or she can ask that professor to serve as major adviser.

Parents sometimes wonder how various majors translate into productive and successful careers after graduation. The staff at the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) stands ready to assist students as they build professional acumen through their academic and experiential activities and prepare to meet their post-college goals. Please explore the OSPGD website to learn about the many programs and services offered to our students. Of particular interest may be OSPGD’s listing of how our graduates from specific majors have thrived across industries and professions. 



Meet our New Director of Student Wellness Programs

Last semester, we welcomed Regina Phillips to F&M in her new role as director of student wellness programs. Having come to us from the University of Delaware, where she served as outreach coordinator for the Office of Student Wellness & Health Promotion, her role at F&M will allow her to work closely with our peer health educators, other student groups focused on wellness, and the staff of the F&M Student Wellness Center. With these partnerships, she will identify and initiate wellness education programs focused on issues such as nutrition, stress reduction, sleep strategies and substance-abuse prevention. In addition, she will work with the College’s Mindfulness Committee as we expand our mindfulness initiatives and trainings across campus. Gina’s office is located next to the F&M Student Wellness Center in College Square.



Thank You for Your Generosity

Thanks so much to those of you who helped us finish 2016 on a high note by making a year-end gift to the Franklin & Marshall Fund. Giving to the fund ensures excellent opportunities every day for all of our students. Your annual support for the College, combined with that of thousands of other parents, friends and alumni, makes a huge difference in the lives of our students. It's never too late to make a difference at F&M. Please give today.


Upcoming Events:

Jan. 18
Ben’s 311th Birthday Bash in Chicago

Jan. 19
Ben’s 311th Birthday Bash in Baltimore

Jan. 19
Ben’s 311th Birthday Bash in Philadelphia

Jan. 19
A New Year's Reception with F&M Friends and "President Donald J. Trump: The First 100 Days and the Politics of the Presidency" with Dr. G. Terry Madonna
San Francisco

Jan. 21
A New Year's Brunch with F&M Friends and "President Donald J. Trump: The First 100 Days and the Politics of the Presidency" with Dr. G. Terry Madonna


See even more events here!

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