December 2019

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Just before Thanksgiving, three F&M government faculty members came together at F&M's Now Hour to discuss the history of impeachment in the U.S., the politics of impeachment (both domestic and foreign), impeachment’s impact on the 2020 elections, and much more, moderated by G. Terry Madonna, director of F&M's Center for Politics and Public Affairs. Check out the event here:

  • Now Hour

Why Students Should Be Thinking About Summer This Winter

This month, Associate Vice President of Student and Post-Graduate Development Beth Throne would like to share some advice about how you can help your students plan to best use their summer breaks to work toward their goals.

With the holidays and winter break approaching, the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) wants your students to be thinking about summer. Not because they may crave warm weather and sandy beaches or the end of this academic year. But because they can be taking steps now to secure a meaningful summer experience that will help them clarify their academic and career interests.

Is it too late for them to be doing this? Certainly not. While it is true that some industries began recruiting summer interns as early as August, there are plenty of opportunities to be had for your students, no matter their interests or class year. The key is for them to understand the range of opportunities available to them and how to successfully secure those opportunities.

Students can build a credible acumen for employment and graduate school admission via summer internships, research, academic travel and community service opportunities. Performing graduate-level, collaborative research with the mentorship of field-regarded scholars may lead to co-authorship of academic journal publications, presentations at conferences and further independent research projects. Academic travel provides cultural immersion, leading to enhanced worldviews, different perspectives and the global fluency that today’s employers value in college graduates. Community service opportunities instill in students a deeper, personalized experience of societal issues and community needs. Internships provide real world, hands-on experiences and field-specific skills, which often open doors to post-graduate opportunities.     

No matter which category of opportunity your students decide to pursue, they, with your help, can take the following steps over winter break to progress in their exploration and search:


  1. Talk it out. Engage your students in conversation about the fields and courses that most interest them and encourage friends and family members to similarly do so. Push back if you hear indifference or disinterest and lean in if you hear interest and enthusiasm. “Forcing” your students to reflect upon and articulate their thoughts about fields they may want to pursue will lead to a more focused, deliberate and successful summer opportunity search.

  2. Schedule chats during and following winter break. Unfettered by assignments and examinations, students can set up chats for January and the start of the semester to speak with advisers and campus resources that can link them to opportunities, including:

    1. Their OSPGD Adviser. OSPGD advisers can help your students explore, identify and compete for opportunities, while facilitating connections to F&M alumni, parents and colleagues for additional support and mentorship. Students can set up a telephone, Skype or in-person appointment with their OSPGD adviser by clicking here.

    2. The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement. F&M’s Ware Institute for Civic Engagement offers a variety of programs and service opportunities that connect students to nonprofit organizations and community leaders, including paid opportunities during the semester and summers. Your student can learn more about these opportunities here.

    3. The Office of International Programs. Not only does the Office of International Programs help students match their academic and career interests with summer opportunities abroad offered by F&M and other organizations, it also offers summer travel fellowships, scholarships and grants so that financial burden does not preclude students from pursuing a program, research opportunity or independent study overseas. Students can get started on their off-campus study pursuits by clicking here.

    4. Their Faculty Mentors. Each summer, dozens of F&M students collaborate with F&M faculty on graduate-level, discipline bridging research using cutting edge approaches and technologies, often leading to further independent research during the academic year via a 390 or 490 project for credit, conference attendance, presentations and/or publications. Students interested in pursuing these paid summer research opportunities (commonly funded by the Lucille and William Hackman endowment and known as “Hackman Scholarships”), should contact professors working in their area of interest as soon as practicable, as decisions may be finalized by early in the spring semester.

If you have any questions or would like additional suggestions about how to support your student’s career and professional development, feel free to contact OSPGD at osgpd@fandm.edu


Reminder: Semester Break is Almost Here

The winter recess begins Sunday, Dec. 15, and spring semester classes begin Tuesday, Jan. 21 (College houses and theme houses will open Sunday, Jan. 19.).

For airport shuttle information, please check this page on the F&M website. Note that payment for any shuttle service must be made online.

If your student will be traveling by train, see the Amtrak website for more information. The Lancaster train station is not far from F&M.


End-of-Year Giving

As you consider your calendar-year-end philanthropic giving, we ask you to support the Franklin & Marshall Fund. A main priority of the College’s “Now to Next” campaign, the Franklin & Marshall Fund supports every student, every day.

To ensure that your donation is credited properly in this calendar year, please note the following information: 

  1. For gifts sent by mail, the check must be dated and the envelope postmarked on or before Dec. 31, 2019, in order for the gift to be credited in this tax year.

  2. For packages delivered by third parties, such as FedEx and UPS, the gift date is the date that College staff signs for the package. Note that staff may not be on site to accept packages during the winter break for employees (Dec. 21 through Jan. 1), so an "overnight" gift may not be in your best interest if it arrives after Dec. 20.

  3. The IRS recognizes the date of a credit card gift as the date the card is charged. For online gifts, the credit card is charged immediately, so gifts made online before 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31 will be credited as a gift in 2019.

For more information, please visit this page. Thank you for supporting Franklin & Marshall College!

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