August 2020

Update on Fall Reopening  

As you and your student read in a message from President Altmann earlier this week, Franklin & Marshall has announced a change to its reopening plan in order to lower the campus population and better support the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. Seniors, juniors and new students will be returning to campus for in-person instruction later this month if they have chosen to do so. All members of the sophomore cohort (students who started as first-years in fall 2019) will be required to continue their studies remotely in Modules 1 and 2. The only exceptions are House Advisors, who will be permitted to live on campus, and a small number of sophomores approved to live in off-campus housing.

The plan calls for those sophomores to return to in-person instruction in Modules 3 and 4, beginning in February, while first-year students will study remotely. All of us at the College hope that national and local conditions improve enough in the next few months that we can bring back all students who want to be on campus in the spring. For the latest news and policy announcements about Franklin & Marshall’s plans for this fall, please check the College’s Fall 2020 reopening website.

Video of the Month

Enjoy this portrait of an artist who also teaches drawing at Franklin & Marshall College!

Magnolia Laurie

Important Fall Dates

Move-In and COVID-19 Testing Dates
New students (first years and transfers): Thursday, Aug. 20, and Friday, Aug. 21
Returning students: Saturday, Aug. 22, Sunday, Aug. 23, and Monday, Aug. 24

Students are being informed by email how to sign up for individual move-in dates and times; for the latest information, please see this section of the fall reopening website.

Classes start for Module 1: Wednesday, Aug. 26
Classes end for Module 1: Tuesday, Oct. 6
Classes start for Module 2: Monday, Oct. 12
Classes end for Module 2: Friday, Nov. 20

Move Out of On-Campus Housing
Sunday, Nov. 22

Winter Recess Begins
Thursday, Dec. 3

J-Term (for those who choose to take a class)
Online classes begin Monday, Jan. 4
Online classes end Thursday, Jan. 28
Final exams: Friday, Jan. 29

OSPGD Update

Innovative Externship Allows Students to Explore Career Paths Virtually

With many students’ summer plans disrupted by COVID-19, the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) stepped up to the plate and innovated a robust career exploration and mentorship program: Crosswalk (College-to-Career) Virtual Externship Experience.

Introduced this summer, Crosswalk provides rising first-year through senior students with a glimpse into specific fields. It kicked off the week of June 22 with “F&M in Education,” continued with “F&M in Science and Research” during the week of July 6 and wrapped up with “F&M in Human Resources & Staffing” the week of July 13.

Students in these programs engaged as a group in two virtual sessions with four F&M alumni and parent externship hosts. Over the course of one week, students were not only able to learn about a “day-in-the-life” of their explored fields, but also were able to test the waters by completing a mock project simulating entry-level work, enjoy a debrief on the mock project, and receive advice on what they can and should do during their remaining time at F&M to become marketable for future opportunities.

“The mock projects were also really cool!” senior Diana Rushemeza, a public health major who participated in “F&M in Science and Research,” said. “It was great to put the conversations about career paths into a tangible project."

Though initially begun due to COVID-19, the feedback received from Crosswalk facilitators and student participants prompted OSPGD to continue the program over the upcoming academic year.

Junior Emily Mansfield, an animal behavior and environmental studies major who participated in “F&M in Science and Research,” said, “I really appreciated this experience and am grateful that [OSPGD] orchestrated a way for students to do a job shadow in this COVID environment.”

To learn more about OSPGD, including programs, events and student advising, contact the office at ospgd@fandm.edu or 717-358-4084.  

Visit Campus Virtually

Forgetting what campus looks like? Want to relive your campus tour? Take a "virtual" tour with two of our tour guides. Click here to check it out! There's also an interactive map, if you are looking to find specific places on campus.

F&M Pitcher Gets Ready for the Next Inning

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F&M Star Pitcher Warms Up for Next Inning

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Reminder: True Blue Weekend to Be Celebrated Virtually

True Blue Weekend this fall will be an exciting digital event on Friday, Oct. 30, and Saturday, Oct. 31, including programs designed specifically for parents. Virtual True Blue Weekend will recognize and take advantage of our global alumni, student and parent communities, and bring the entire F&Mily together!

Watch your inbox for more information, coming soon, about the virtual True Blue Weekend

Enjoy Educational and Fun Offerings from F&M Faculty and Alumni

Upcoming "Alumni Master Class" virtual programs on a variety of topics are educational and an interesting break from your usual day, as are this summer's now-completed "Faculty Fridays." To watch past Faculty Fridays, click here. To check out the upcoming Alumni Master Class program list and sign up for what interests you, click here.

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