September 2020

Video of the Month

The start of classes always means Convocation at F&M – but this year it was virtual, of course. Here's the video shared with our community (group shots were filmed in previous years, before the pandemic): Convocation 2020.

Welcome to Convocation #FANDM2024!


Students Hold Campaign to Increase True Blue Network Membership

As COVID-19 spread across the nation, it also spawned a proactive response among F&M students. Facing a tumultuous summer internship and job market, seniors are seeking more connections with alumni and parents working in fields that interest them, juniors are jumpstarting their summer opportunity preparation, and sophomores are looking to learn effective networking skills.

Luckily, F&M students now have the True Blue Network, recently launched by F&M's Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) in collaboration with the College's Alumni Association Board. Using the True Blue Network, students can connect with alumni and parents who have raised their virtual hands to support student success beyond the classroom. At the request of leaders from the sophomore, junior and senior classes, the Network now offers Class of 2021, Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 Groups where alumni and parents share class-year-specific opportunities, resources and advice.

In early August, the Junior Class Board held a campaign encouraging peers to join the True Blue Network and Class of 2022 Group by offering a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Inspired by those results, the Sophomore and Senior Class Boards held similar campaigns to encourage their classmates to log into the True Blue Network, complete their profile, and join their respective class groups to be eligible to win Amazon gift cards and to benefit longer-term from the opportunities and resources the True Blue Network offers.

Within two weeks of launching their campaign, the Junior Class Board yielded more than 70 new junior members to the Class of 2022 Group. The Sophomore and Senior Class Boards are quickly following suit less than 10 days into their campaigns with the Class of 2023 Group gaining more than 50 members and the Class of 2021 Group gaining more than 65 new members. Eager to gain even more, all classes have decided to continue their campaigns into the fall term.

“They are instilling in their peers the increased importance of networking in this COVID-19 environment,” Beth Throne said. “The True Blue Network is one of the most effective tools for students to build their professional network for both undergraduate and postgraduate mentorship and success.”

Parents are welcome to become members of the True Blue Network. Log on and create a profile, using the link above, and be a resource for today’s students.

To learn more about OSPGD, including programs, events and student advising, contact the office at ospgd@fandm.edu or 717-358-4084.  

Sarah Waybright '06 is Moving on to New Things, Despite COVID

She started "Why Food Works" and things were going quite well, but the business just seemed to need a farm.

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Waybright (2006)
Story 8/26/2020

How an Alumna’s Passion for Nutrition Led to Farming

What brought this F&M alumna to farming? Follow Sarah Waybright ’06’s  journey as she pursues a passion for nutrition education.

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"Attend" an Alumni Master Class!

Alumni Master Classes are interesting events in a virtual programming series begun earlier this year. Dedicated to showcasing the skills, talents and stories of F&M alumni, they feature a wide variety of alumni explaining, discussing and/or demonstrating an even wider variety of topics.

Former F&M Trustee Stan Brand '70, one-time general counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives under former Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, spoke about "Converging Paths: Reflecting on a Liberal Arts Education." At a time when the relevance and vitality of the liberal arts are under increasing scrutiny, Brand shared why he has come to believe a liberal arts education is a prerequisite to a worthy and fulfilling professional career.

Other fun Alumni Master Classes are available here.

Common Hour Begins Sept. 9 – Virtually!

Common Hour is a weekly event on the F&M campus, when community members join professors, students, alumni and professional staff for a distinctive lineup of culturally and academically enriching presentations. The first Common Hour was held yesterday and featured F&M President Barbara K. Altmann.

To accommodate the changes F&M has had to make in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Common Hour for the fall semester is a virtual event. Each Common Hour will be broadcast live via Zoom and YouTube, Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

The Fall 2020 Common Hour Schedule features locally and nationally known scholars, musicians and public figures. The topics range from politics to racism to the many ways COVID-19 has changed what we do. Throughout the semester, you can check the website for information and any updates to the schedule.

Reminder: True Blue Weekend to Be Celebrated Virtually

True Blue Weekend this fall will be an exciting digital event on Friday, Oct. 30, and Saturday, Oct. 31, including programs designed specifically for parents. Virtual True Blue Weekend will recognize and take advantage of our global alumni, student and parent communities, and bring the entire F&Mily together!

Watch your inbox for more information, coming soon, about Virtual True Blue Weekend.

The World Needs More Diplomats

The Franklin & Marshall Fund supports the institution's operating budget for the institution and impacts every facet of the student experience.

We are living in challenging times and there is no shortage of valuable causes, just like F&M, that are in need of your support. Gifts to support the Franklin & Marshall Fund help the College fulfill the promise made to each and every F&M student: that they have a college experience that is second-to-none. No matter what, even during the pandemic.

Help us continue the tradition of launching more Diplomats into the world. Gifts of all sizes matter and can be put to use immediately. If you are able to make a gift to support the Franklin & Marshall Fund, visit go.fandm.edu/give.

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