Story 8/2/2018

August 2018

This is the first Franklin & Marshall parents e-newsletter that the newest members of our F&Mily --...

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Story 6/7/2018

June 2018

We’ve had some exciting times here at Franklin & Marshall College in recent weeks. Read below about...

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Story 5/3/2018

May 2018

Another academic year (F&M’s 231st!) is coming to an end as students finish up final exams and...

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Story 4/5/2018

April 2018

It is hard to believe that another F&M academic year is coming to a close so soon. Students are...

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Story 3/8/2018

March 2018

Spring Break is upon us next week, providing our students with a terrific opportunity to “chillax,”...

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Story 2/1/2018

February 2018

Though the temperature outside may be chilly and the days short, the campus is alive with bright...

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Story 1/11/2018

January 2018

We are eager to have students back at F&M next week, knowing they will warm up our frigid campus!...

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Story 12/7/2017

December 2017

As our students head into the final days of fall semester classes (which end tomorrow) and prepare...

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Story 11/2/2017

November 2017

All of us at the College are so thankful for the many parents and family members who came to campus...

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