• Paul Harnik - Earth & Environment
Associate Professor of Geosciences, Program Chair of Environmental Science



Office: HAC 126

Research in my lab focuses on how organisms respond to environmental change, specifically the capacities of species to adapt and move as well as their vulnerabilities to extinction. My students and I investigate these themes in both modern and ancient marine systems through a combination of fieldwork, specimen-based study, and quantitative analysis.

Please see the Harnik Paleo Lab website for more information concerning our current research, publications, courses, and more.


Spring 2020 Office Hours: Wed 9-11am, Fri 3-5pm, by appointment

Latest News

Story 6/28/2019

Dripping in the Apalachicola National Forest

There wasn’t just one event that made Florida special. Every day was a special day because I was surrounded by a group of amazing people, so I’ll take you through one of those memorable days....

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Story 6/27/2019


  On one of our days off-shore, the paleo lab decided to tackle the great outdoors and go kayaking. We picked the windiest day of the week with threats of rain showers to channel our inner Bear...

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Story 6/27/2019

Finding Motivation

It’s six a.m. and we’re off. Despite it being morning, the moon is still shining brightly. In about an hour the sun will illuminate the sky, and in another hour, we will be at our destination. The...

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