• Paul Harnik - Earth & Environment
Assistant Professor of Geosciences



Office: HAC 126

Research in my lab focuses on how organisms respond to environmental change, specifically the capacities of species to adapt and move as well as their vulnerabilities to extinction. My students and I investigate these themes in both modern and ancient marine systems through a combination of fieldwork, specimen-based study, and quantitative analysis.

Please see the Harnik Paleo Lab website for more information concerning our current research, publications, courses, and more.


Spring 2019 Office Hours: Mon 3-5pm, Wed 9-11am, by appointment

Latest News

Story 7/5/2018

The Start of the End

Hey guys, Jared from the Paleo lab. The lab and I have officially concluded the fieldwork phase of our research for the summer of 2018!! Having traveled across three states and sampled around fifteen...

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Story 7/5/2018

A Typical Day at FSUCML

A typical day at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory (FSUCML) began at 6:30 am for most of us. We had to be on the boat by 7:00 am, so breakfast usually consisted of whatever...

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Story 7/5/2018

More than Research

 It was hot, muggy, and I felt like dehydration lurked around every corner waiting for me to lose my water bottle. But in the midst of all of that, Florida held an abundance of sea life for the Paleo...

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