A Rising Tide: The Current State of Higher Education in PA

April 2006


The Current State of Higher Education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

A major, new Pennsylvania higher education study was publicly released on April 17. The study was conducted by the Education Policy and Leadership Center and the Learning Alliance for Higher Education. The study looks at: 1) who is being served and who is not being served; 2) differing participation rates among different populations; 3) is higher education affordable; 4) is the state graduating sufficient scientists and engineers; and 5) does remedial education at the college level drive up the costs?

At Franklin & Marshall College, Berwood Yost and Dr. G. Terry Madonna were part of the study team. The Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College conducted a major part of the research, focusing on the question: “Why, in a state with some of the highest public and private sticker prices in the nation, have both in and out-of-state students continue to drive enrollment growth?” Below you can find a link to download the official press release and the study for review.

Press Release April 17, 2006: "Pennsylvania Higher Education Report Released: Pennsylvania Needs Expanded Community College Opportunities and Improved High School Performance." (PDF) - April 17, 2006

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