1976 Primary

The Democrats

Jimmy Carter won 64 of 67 counties in Pennsylvania's 1976 primary, and he only lost Philadelphia by a slim 23,000 votes to Washington Senator Henry Jackson, who had received the endorsement of Phladelphia Democratic Mayor Frank Rizzo and City Democratic Chairman, Peter J. Camiel (See Map below). Carter won 37% of the vote, or 511,905 votes; Jackson won 25%, or 340,310 votes. Congressman Morris K. Udall of Arizona won 19%, or 259,166 votes. Former Alabama Governor George Wallace won 11%, or 155,902 votes. Four minor candidates were in single digits.

The Republicans

Gerald Ford, who had assumed the Presidency following the resignation of Richard Nixon, was the front runner for the Republican nomination. His principle opponent, Ronald Reagan did not campaign in the state because Republican voters preferred moderate candidates and because Pennsylvania's party leadership was committed to Ford. Ford won every county in the state on his way to the Republican Nomination.

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