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Pendulum Swing

The University of Virginia Center for Politics released its latest book, Pendulum Swing, drawing on the collective wisdom of nearly two dozen of the nation’s top political analysts, journalists, and academics for comprehensive analysis of the 2010 midterm elections and the subsequent policy implications. This timely publication by Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato and a national team of contributing experts delves into the overlooked details of the 2010 elections. Looking back at the titanic political shift in Washington, DC and around the nation, the authors explore how that shift could affect the 2012 presidential election. The book is the newest in an ongoing annual election series developed by the Center for Politics and published by Pearson/Longman publishers ( Franklin & Marshall College Professor G. Terry Madonna has written the chapter in the book covering last year's Pennsylvania governor and US Senate elections.








The Sixth Year Itch: The Rise and Fall of the George W. Bush Presidency

This new book by political scholar and commentator Larry J. Sabato helps students, voters, and citizens understand the issues and actions that mattered most in the 2006 midterm elections and previews the 2008 presidential race. The Sixth Year Itch contains original chapters by Sabato, as well as contributed chapters by prominent journalists and scholars who are on the political frontlines, including G. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall's Center for Politics and Public Affairs.












Pivotal Pennsylvania: Presidential Politics from FDR to the Twenty-First Century

Each presidential election year, it has become common to hear Pennsylvania described as a "battleground state." How and why did such competitive politics take shape? When did Pennsylvania become so pivotal in electing the president of the United States? In this volume, one of the state's leading political analysts answers these questions by taking readers behind the scenes of convention dramas and onto the campaign trail as national candidates and favorite sons vie for support. This authoritative, richly detailed history by G. Terry Madonna traces the evolution of presidential politics in Pennsylvania from FDR to the twenty-first century. (ISBN 1-932304-40-1/Price $14.95)