The survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

You can download (but not print) an executive summary and the report in color and in greyscale:

Information about requesting development of additional data reports is available via this request form.

We are pleased to present the campus climate task force here, which is tasked with implementing new actions and data analysis after the campus climate survey presentation in Fall 2020.

Charge to the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate
December 2020 - May 2022

The Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate is formed as an essential component of a multifaceted and College-wide approach to creating lasting positive change. It augments both the present-day focus of the DEI Team and the future-focused work of the DEI Strategic Planning Committee. It embodies our mission-based commitment to think critically and inspire both independent and collaborative action, and it represents our collective insistence on creating a community where every person feels safe, valued, and has a strong sense of belonging. 

The work of the Task Force is necessary to allow for a deeper understanding of the results of the campus climate survey and better enable our College to continually move forward. The survey reflects the experiences of members of our campus community — faculty, staff and students. It is important that we concentrate on the issues raised in the survey and find solutions, design proactive programming, and alleviate obstacles to enhance a more equitable and inclusive campus climate. 

The goal of the Task Force is to improve the campus climate at F&M using the data generated by the 2020 Campus Climate Report. The Task Force will consist of two subcommittees, one that focuses on short-term and long-term actions, and one that utilizes the data:

  • The action subcommittee will focus on creating recommendations for feasible initiatives and a timeline for implementing them, and then overseeing the rapid implementation of those initiatives. 

  • The data subcommittee will oversee the generating of additional reports and analyses using the climate survey data (as requested, using a transparent process that allows people to request reports through the committee). 

The full Task Force will meet once per month, and the subcommittees will meet more frequently.  The Task Force will submit updates to and consult with appropriate committees, including: Professional Staff (as part of their lunch series), DipCon, Faculty Council, and others in a timely manner. 

The Task Force will accomplish its work between January 2020 and June 2022. The chairs and Task Force members welcome and encourage feedback and input. Please contact any of the members of the Task Force listed below to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions.

Co-Chairs: Gretchel Hathaway and Annalisa Crannell  

Action Subcommittee 
Co-Chairs: Nakia Perry and Zeshan Ismat
Sonia Elliott 
Patrick Fleming
Susan Knoll 
Nadia Mann 
Amy Mulnix 
Kelly Schenke
Kathrin Theumer 
Mark Villegas 
Kathryn Wanner 
Sheldon Wenger

Data Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: Alan Caniglia and Janine Everett
Chris Alexander 
Dave Ciuk 
Janine Everett 
Jessica Haile 
Jorge Mena-Ali
Joe Pritchett 
Kim Hirata Warshawsky