College Policies on Reporting Possible Wrongdoing

Dear Members of the Faculty and Professional Staff:

Given the serious allegations involving Penn State University, I am writing to remind you of our shared responsibility to make good faith reports of possible wrongdoing and to ensure that all allegations of criminal activity are properly reported to authorities. We have strong pre-existing policies on these matters. I ask that you take a moment to re-familiarize yourselves with them.

The College's Whistle-blower Policy can be downloaded from:

The College's Problem Resolution Policy can be downloaded from:

Please feel free to contact Nancy Eshleman, Director of Human Resources, at 291-4353 if you have any questions about these policies. Human Resources will be monitoring any new legislation that results from recent events involving Penn State University. If necessary, the College’s policies will be revised as appropriate to ensure they remain in compliance with the law.


Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D.