Statement from President Porterfield, Dean Hazlett and Dean Taber

Dear F&M Students, Faculty and Professional Staff,

This evening, students reported a drawing in a classroom in the Life Sciences and Philosophy Building that had the appearance of a swastika in the middle of a Jewish Star. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) was contacted, a report was filed and an investigation is underway. 

We condemn in the strongest terms all incidents of identity-based hatred and intolerance. Images that are meant to demean, harass, or intimidate others have no place in our community. We ask the individual who left this symbol in the classroom to come forward.  And we ask anyone who may know who this individual is to communicate directly with any of us or with DPS Chief Bill McHale.

This anti-Semitic graffiti comes at a time when others on campus and across the country are reporting troubling incidents. It is vitally important that all members of the Franklin & Marshall Community adhere to our standards of conduct and do not seek to demean, harass, or intimidate others. Please report any incidents of bias or identity-based hatred to Dean Margaret Hazlett or to DPS Chief Bill McHale. 

Also, we would note that several have reported to Dean Hazlett a banner with offensive language on the Protest Tree; please note that this was evidently placed there to highlight ways in which members of the LGBTQ+ community have been harassed across the country.

In the coming days and weeks, we will provide opportunities for students, faculty and professional staff to speak together about our shared purposes in the community and the shared values and standards of conduct that we have. In the meantime, we remind everyone that we expect all members of our community to be treated with dignity and respect. As a community, we are better than this incident, and we must work together to prevent such hateful acts.


Daniel Porterfield, President
Margaret Hazlett, Dean of the College
Ralph Taber, Associate Dean of the College and Director of the Klehr Center