Dear Students and Colleagues,

This Friday, June 19, is Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. In this year of pain and protest, this observance is a timely reminder that we have much to learn and much to do.

I would like to invite all faculty and staff to spend a portion of your workday this Friday on focused learning and reflection. All of us need to participate actively in the creation of an anti-racist community. We come to this work as individuals, even as we grow into it as a community. We have held, and will continue to hold, all kinds of formal training in the workplace, but one immediate step we can all take this Friday, in our remote work environments, is to learn and reflect on the importance of this commemorative day.

For our students, I ask you, too, to participate in this day of learning and reflection, and for the same reasons. As members of the Franklin & Marshall community, we all share deep and mutual responsibility for our engagement, actions, and accountability. Together, we will continue to do the work to make F&M a truly welcoming and inclusive campus for all, and we will settle for no less.

Please note that the College Library has added a Juneteenth tab to their Antiracist Resources guide, including relevant books, movies, news articles, and websites you might want to explore. Please feel free to suggest additions! I’m including just a few resources below, as a place to get started. And for everyone in Lancaster, please see the link to local events sponsored by the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and the Crispus Attucks Community Center. I am proud to say the College is a donor to their Juneteenth events.

Barbara Altmann


Lancaster Juneteenth Celebration



Crispus Attucks Community Center Facebook Page



NYTimes article, "So You Want to Learn about Juneteenth?"



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