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Public Health is an interdisciplinary major that offers a core program of study, and a selection  of concentration track in Biology , Government, or Sociology. Students in our courses study the health of communities and how it can be affected by community-based action. We study the burden of disease, the principles and history of public health and how to measure health, health in the context of human rights, how to measure and improve health systems, the influence of culture on health, and the organizational actors in local, national, and global public health. We draw on the science underlying health in human communities and examine the use of such knowledge in a political arena that is central to getting things done.

The mission of the Public Health major is to educate F&M students in public health from the perspective of the liberal arts, with particular attention to the analysis of public health problems from multiple perspectives and with tools from multiple disciplines and with emphasis on theory and history. Public health is linked to the formulation and implementation of public policy, thus connecting science and government at its core. Public health incorporates an international perspective. We encourage and guide students to ask broad questions of meaning, to challenge assumptions and structures, to ponder ethical questions, to evaluate the effectiveness of solutions to problems, and to develop a deep moral intelligence surrounding public health. The program offers  a common set of core courses for all students, and three concentration tracks.



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The Pulse
Story 3/14/2022

Community-Based Learning Teaches in Real Time

In Professor David Ashworth's public health course on problem-solving courts, he gets the students out of their comfort zone and into the real world of the judical sustem. 

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Story 8/4/2021

Students Gain Hands-On Public Health Experience

Senior Sydney Wieczkowski has already put her public health degree to work in Lancaster City before even graduating from Franklin & Marshall.  

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Story 5/27/2021

Peer Health Educators Step Up to Support Student Wellness

Meet the peer health educators who helped the F&M student body navigate wellness in 2020-21.     

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