Suzanne’s laws is a federal law concerning missing persons signed into law by President Bush as part of the national "Amber Alert". It provides that there shall be no waiting period before a law enforcement agency initiates an investigation of a missing person under the age of twenty one and reports the missing person to the National Crime Information Center of the Department of Justice. To do so, it amends Section 3701 (a) of the Crime Control Act of 1990. It requires local authorities to notify the National Crime Information Center immediately if someone between the ages of 18 and 21 goes missing. Suzanne’s Law is named after Suzanne Lyall a student at State University of New York at Albany, who has been missing since 1998.  Franklin & Marshall Public Safety Department complies with this law and will immediately report such missing persons to the NCIC.

Missing Student Policy

Anyone who believes a student to be missing should immediately report her/his concern to the Franklin & Marshall College's Department of Public Safety Campus Police (DPS).  Other College officials receiving a missing person report relating to a student are required to notify DPS immediately.

A report can also be filed by coming to the Department of Public Safety, 609 Old Main Drive, which is staffed with Officers at all times.  Additionally, you can dial 3939 from a Campus telephone or use one of the more than 50 blue light emergency telephones on Campus and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Please dial 717-358-3939 while off Campus.  You can also call 9-1-1 to file a report with Lancaster City Police or Manheim Township Police.

Students residing in Campus housing will be informed annually that each student has the option to identify a person designated as a confidential missing person contact.  This contact would be notified by the College no later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined to be missing by the designated College officials authorized to make that determination, specifically, the Department of Public Safety Campus Police and/or the local law enforcement agency in which the student went missing.

To protect confidentiality, general emergency contact information and missing student contact information are kept separate, even if the same person is listed for both purposes.  The missing student contact would be used in the event a student, over the age of 18, is determined to be missing for 24 hours.

If the student is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated individual, the Department of Public Safety will notify the student's parent or guardian and any other designated contact person within 24 hours.

Regardless of whether the student has identified a contact person, is above the age of 18, or is an emancipated minor, the Department of Public Safety will inform the local Police Department (or the local law enforcement with jurisdiction) that the student is missing, within 24 hours.  Based upon this notification, a report will be entered into NCIC immediately citing that the student is missing.,

The Department of Public Safety thoroughly investigates students reported as missing whether they live or reside in off or on-campus student housing.  DPS follows specific steps, to investigate that student's location.  These steps may include checking a student's key card access, class attendance, student residence, contacting the studen't House Dean, contacting the student's missing student contact, along with other methods to determine the status of the student.

Franklin & Marshall College strongly recommends all students register missing student contact information.  This contact information will be confidential and will be accessible only to authorized Campus Officials.  In addition, the contact information shall not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation.

To register a contact, start at the Franklin & Marshall College homepage at and click on "Inside Franklin & Marshall College."  Enter your username and password, then choose "My Info," then "My Housing Self Service," then "Applications," then "Missing Person Contact Application."  Enter contact names and numbers in the appropriate spaces.  This person(s) will be contacted if you are reported missing.  Students may also notify the Director of Housing to update any contact information.