Important Safety Tips

Dear Members of the Franklin & Marshall Community,

Below are a number of tips, that if kept in mind can help you stay safe.    

  • In general, be familiar with your surroundings. Get to know the campus and surrounding areas before heading out.
  • Immediately report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to DPS.
  • At night, walk in groups or use the "buddy system." Always look out for your neighbor.
  • If you need to walk alone, call DPS (717-358-3939) to arrange for an escort.
  • As appropriate, use the F&M Nightly Shuttle to get to places on and around campus.
  • Avoid dark or dimly lighted areas.
  • Only walk on well-lighted, regularly traveled sidewalks and pathways. Avoid short cuts and keep away from shrubbery, bushes, alleyways and other areas where a potential assailant may hide.
  • Immediately report any malfunctioning lights or other problems to DPS.
  • If you see someone in danger, contact DPS immediately.
  • Become familiar with the locations of emergency phones on campus; they are identified by their blue lights.
  • Avoid athletic fields and parking areas at night.
  • When walking to your car or residence, have your keys already in hand.
  • When being dropped off by a taxi or personal vehicle, ask the driver to wait until you are inside.
  • When exiting your car, look around to be certain you are not being followed.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at the Department of Public Safety. 

Thank you,

William J. McHale, M.S.

Director of Public Safety