Crime Prevention on Campus

  • Officer Johnston with the .08 student group, which seeks to educate their peers about the dangers of excessive drinking. Officer Johnston with the .08 student group, which seeks to educate their peers about the dangers of excessive drinking. Image Credit: Alexandra Morey

The Franklin & Marshall Department of Public Safety is very concerned about providing the campus community with a safe and secure environment and strives to prevent crimes from occurring rather than react to them after the fact.

Through our Crime Prevention program we attempt to eliminate or minimize criminal activity.  One way we attempt to prevent crime is through patrols within the campus community 24 hours a day, 365 days per year utilizing cars, bikes, and officers on foot.  Additionally, the community is equipped with Emergency Phones and cameras to assist students, faculty, professional staff and visitors with safety and security.  The campus community is also provided information through online safety tips,  safety presentations, and when deemed necessary, Timely Warnings and Emergency Alerts.



Anonymous Crime Reporting

If you have personal knowledge or have heard of any crime that has occurred on or off campus involving college community members, please fill out this form.  Please note, a quick immediate response will not occur through this tip submission.  If your tip is an emergency or requires timely attention, please use the LiveSafe App where you can also choose to remain anonymous.


Public Safety at Your Event

If you're thinking about asking for a Public Safety Officer to be present exclusively at an event, coverage must be requested.  Examples include sporting events, lectures, etc.  


LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a personal safety mobile app that F&M is providing to all students, faculty and staff.  The app provides a quick and convenient way to communicate directly with Public Safety.  Learn more about the LiveSafe App and how to sign  up!


S.A.F.E.  (Self-Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange) 

Taught by Public Safety officers, S.A.F.E. is a 1-1/2 -hour program designed to provide educational awareness, and to introduce the aspects of self-defense to students and staff.     Please check back with us in the Fall of 2022 for new S.A.F.E. sessions.


Campus Safety Tips

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  1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to the Department of Public Safety immediately.
  3. Use the 'buddy system' and watch out for your neighbor.
  4. Keep your doors locked whenever you find yourself alone in a building.
  5. Report lights that are out and any hazardous conditions immediately to Facilities & Operations.
  6. If you see someone being victimized, get involved and notify Public Safety.  You can stay anonymous if you choose by using the Anonymous Crime Reporting form located on this website.
  7. Download the free LiveSafe app.  The app provides a quick and convenient way to communicate directly with Public Safety.


Lost & Found

Many items are found on or around the college campus.  Due to Accreditation standards imposed by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, the Department of Public Safety must treat every piece of property it takes into its possession as if it was evidence.  

Items accepted by the Department of Public Safety include:

Wallets, cell phones, handbags, jewelry, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, weapons, eye glasses, money, credit cards, ID's of any kind and bicycles.

Items of little monetary value are not accepted by the Department of Public Safety.   These items can be deposited at the Steinman College Center information desk, including:

Backpacks, luggage, umbrellas, sports equipment and clothing.   



Programs & Resources

PA Crime Codes

Many Franklin & Marshall students are out-of-state residents.  Our campus police officers are empowered to enforce state and local laws and do issue Non-Traffic Citations where appropriate.  This is in addition to referrals to the College Judicial Review Board.

We have compiled a list of relevant summary offenses dealing with alcohol consumption to criminal trespass, to name a few, for which you may be cited by Public Safety, Lancaster City or Manheim Township Police Officers.

If you have any questions regarding these, or other statutes, please call Public Safety for advice.

Underage Drinking Criminal Mischief Criminal Trespass Curfew
Discharge of Firearms Disorderly Conduct Harassment & Stalking Littering
Noise Ordinance Open Containers Public Drunkenness Skateboards
State Disorderly Conduct Age Misrepresentation