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Students at Franklin & Marshall College register for classes through our Inside F&M portal website. To answer your questions about the process, we have created an FAQ page and a series of video tutorials and accompanying documentation.   

 Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based tool designed to help students and advisers monitor progress toward degree completion. Degree Works looks at a student’s coursework in terms of Franklin & Marshall’s catalog requirements to produce an easy-to-read audit.  Degree Works also allows students and their advisers to plan for future coursework and evaluate possible major/minor changes.

Additional Features:

  • Notes made by advisers in Degree Works are available to any additional or future advisers for that student.
  • What If  degree audits allow students and advisers to view the requirements for different majors and minors, and see how the students' current  courses would apply to those requirements.


How is Degree Works different from our previous degree audit program?

First, Degree Works is more than just a degree audit program.  It also allows advisers and students to create course plans for several semesters in advance, which can in turn assist academic departments with curricular planning.

Apart from the visual differences, it is important to note that Degree Works audits are dynamic, which means your degree audit will not look the same each time you view it.  Instead of creating an initial audit and adding to it as requirements are completed, Degree Works evaluates all courses against all degree requirements and creates a brand-new audit each time, ensuring that it uses the best course to complete each requirement.