In the event that you find a classroom location on your schedule that's unfamiliar to you, please consult the following list of campus building codes and translations.

ADA200 Adams Auditorium, located in Hackman Hall
BARGAU Barshinger Center, Gault Room
BARSTA Barshinger Center, Stage

Bonchek College House

BRO Brooks College House
CSE Center for the Sustainable Environment
GOE Goethean Hall
HAC Hackman Hall
HAR Harris Center
HER Herman Arts
HUE Hugel House
HWC Harwood Commons
JIC Joseph International Center
KAU Kaufman Lecture Hall
KEI Keiper Liberal Arts
KLE Klehr Center
LSP Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Buliding
NEW New College House
ORT Other Room Theatre (715 North Pine Street)
ROS Roschel Performing Arts Center
SCC Steinman College Center
SFL Shadek-Fackenthal Library
STA Stager Hall
WAR Ware College House
WEI Weis College House
WRH Writer's House