How Do I Log In? 

1.  If you are connecting to Degree Works from an off-campus location, you will first need to connect to VPN.

2.  Log into

3.  Click on the "Academics" tab.

4.  Within the "Quick Links" menu on the left, you will see a link for "Degree Works."

5.  Clicking on the Degree Works link should open up a new tab or window in your browser, and you should already be logged into the software.  

6.  To log out, simply close the browser window/tab.

Look Ahead Feature 
Look Ahead Feature
"What If" Audits 

Are you considering changing your major or declaring a minor?  Are you undecided and want to see what different major paths would entail?  The "What If" feature of Degree Works can assist you in your research.


What If Audits