Fall 2020 Registration

  Important Dates and Information: 

July 16 - 26
  • Consult the Fall 2020 Master Schedule to find courses in each module for your schedule. Students will be allowed to take a maximum of 2.5 credits each module. The 0.5 credit will allow  enrollment in music lessons, music ensembles, independent studies, or internships for credit.
  • You are encouraged, but not required, to reach out to your academic advisers about the courses you wish to take or about necessary changes in courses due to the new offerings.
  • Students must enroll in a total of 3.0 credits between the two modules to be full-time.
  • Students may only enroll in a maximum of 2.5 credits per module. Due to the way that Banner has been configured, it may be possible to enroll in more than 2.5 in a single module, but the Registrar's Office will monitor students' schedules and will drop the last credit added when the 2.50 limit is exceeded.
  • Some courses previously offered during Fall 2020 have been moved to J-Term or to Module 3 or 4. Concerns about meeting degree requirements should be addressed with academic advisers and major departments.
  • Courses with a section designation of ON or ONx will be offered online only and without in-person meetings.
  • Other courses will have varying amounts of an online component. 
  • Courses designated as "ON" will be offered 100% online; all other courses will be offered in a blended mode (with many elements online plus in-person instruction). All courses are available to all F&M students, no matter where they are, with the exception of those enrolled in the Shanghai Program. The labels are there for informational purposes as students make their choices. Faculty will work to devise comparable experiences for remote students in blended courses, although courses that are 100% online may be simpler for remote students to manage.
  • All PINs have been set to 999999.
  • All previous registration overrides have been deleted.
  • Overrides for permission will be entered by some instructors for use during Phase I registration to allow previously enrolled students an opportunity to re-enroll in courses. If you do not enroll in the course during Phase I registration, there is no guarantee that the seat will be available for you during drop/add since any unused seats may be available for other students.
  • Each module will have its own set of deadlines for add, drop, P/NP, WD.
  • P/NP guidelines revert back to the stated guidelines in the College Catalog for eligible courses (electives only) and for the grade thresholds for P (C- and above) and NP.
  • Students may still complete Independent Studies that will last the length of one module or both modules. A year-long independent will still need to run through all of the Fall semester (Modules 1 & 2) and the Spring semester (Modules 3&4).
  • Students may also still complete Directed Readings that will last the length of a single module.
  • Internships for credit  will be registered in one module (0.50 credit maximum) or span both modules (All 1.0 credit and some 0.50 credit).
  • The Theatre, Dance and Film department (TDF) is now Theatre and Dance (TND). Courses will carry the same course number, but will have the prefix of TND.
  • Film has now joined Art and Art History and will carry the prefix of FLM. Course numbers have changed, so after consulting the Master Schedule, if you have questions, please contact Jeremy Moss.
  • Check your record for any holds preventing registration.
  • Check that  your major/minor information is in the system.
  • Obtain any Registration Overrides needed. Overrides are a two-step process - the instructor enters the override and the student has to enroll in the course.
July 27 - 30   Phase 1 of Registration (no waitlist notifications) All times are Eastern Standard Time. If you are in a different time zone, calculate the local time for you.
  •  Seniors -  Monday, July 27 11:00 PM -  Tuesday, July 28  10:59 PM
  • Juniors -  Tuesday, July 28  11:00 PM -  Wednesday, July 29  10:59 PM
  • Sophomores - Wednesday, July 29 11:00 PM -  Thursday, July 30 10:59 PM
August 3   Phase 2 of Registration (waitlist notifications activated)
  • All returning classes will have access to Drop/Add  on Monday, August 3 at 11:00 PM EST.  
  • Some departments and instructors may not elect to have waitlists automated.
  • Applications for Independent Studies, Directed Readings and Internships for Credit are due on Monday, August 31, 2020 at 4:30 PM for Module 1 and on Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 4:30 pm for Module 2
  • Courses may be added or dropped online until Monday, August 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM for Module 1 and until Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 11:59 PM for Module 2



Class Information:

Fall 2020 Master Schedule     
Course Descriptions   (Updated: August 5)
Course Changes      (Updated: August 6)
Cross-listed Courses    
Course Offerings for 2020-21 (This is a projection of course offerings in Modules 1-4 and J-Term. Subject to change.)

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