J-Term and Spring 2021 Registration

Important Dates and Information: 

October 26 - November 6  Registration Advising
  • All students should reach out to their academic adviser to make an advising appointment to discuss choice choices for both J-Term (optional) and Spring 2021 and to get their 6 digit registration PIN.
  • The same PIN will be used for J-Term and for Spring 2021.
  • Students should consult the J-Term/Spring 2021 Master Schedule to find courses in each module. As a reminder, students will be allowed to take a maximum of 2.5 credits each module. The 0.5 credit will allow  enrollment in music lessons, music ensembles, independent studies, or internships for credit. 
  • Students should check for any holds preventing registration.
  • Students should check major/minor information in the system.
  • Students should obtain any registration overrides needed. Overrides are a two-step process - the instructor enters the override and then student enrolls in the course.

November 9-13:   Phase 1  Registration for J-Term and Spring 2021 Courses (no waitlist notifications) All times are Eastern Standard Time. If you are in a different time zone, calculate the local time for you.

  • Seniors -  Monday, November 9  11:00 PM -  Tuesday, November 10  10:59 PM
  • Juniors -  Tuesday, November 10  11:00 PM -  Wednesday, November 11  10:59 PM
  • Sophomores - Wednesday, November 11  11:00 PM -  Thursday, November 12 10:59 PM
  • First Years - Thursday, November 12 11:00 PM - Friday, November 13  10:59 PM

November 16:  Phase 2  Registration (waitlist notifications activated)

  • All students will have access to Drop/Add  on Monday, November 16 at 11:00 PM EST.  
  • Drop/Add will close on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 for J-Term.
  • Drop/Add will close on Thursday, February 4, 2021 for Module 3.
  • Drop/Add will close on Thursday, March 25, 2021 for Module 4.

Additional Resources:

Registration Tips from ITS 
Registration Worksheet
Registration Tips for Students
Course Planner
FAQs about Registration
Registration Tutorials

 Registration Materials:

J-Term 2021 Master Schedule (all courses online) (Updated: 11/16) Download to your desktop for links to work
Spring 2021 Master Schedule (Updated: 1/19)  Download to your desktop for links to work
J-Term Course Descriptions (Updated: 12/9)
Spring 2021 Course Descriptions  (Updated: 1/19)
J-Term Course Changes (Updated: 12/9)
Spring 2021 Course Changes     (Updated 1/22)
J-Term Cross-listed Courses
Spring 2021 Cross-listed Courses    

J-Term/Module Information:

  • J-Term will run from Monday, January 4 - Friday, January 29
  • Module 3 will run from Monday, February 1 - Friday, March 19
  • Module 4 will run from Monday, March 22 - Monday, May 10
  • Students must enroll in a total of 3.0 credits between Modules 3 and 4 to be full-time. J-Term is a stand alone term.
  • Students may only enroll in a maximum of 2.5 credits in Modules 3 and 4 and in 1.0 course during J-Term. Due to the way that Banner has been configured, it may be possible to enroll in more than 2.5 in a single module, but the Registrar's Office will monitor students' schedules and will drop the last credit added when the 2.50 limit is exceeded.
  • All J-Term courses will be online.
  • Module 3 and 4 courses designated as "ON" or "ONx"will be offered 100% online; all other courses will be offered in a blended mode (with many elements online plus in-person instruction). All courses are available to all F&M students, no matter where they are. The labels are there for informational purposes as students make their choices. Faculty will work to devise comparable experiences for remote students in blended courses, although courses that are 100% online may be simpler for remote students to manage.
  • J-Term and each module will have its own set of deadlines for add, drop, P/NP, and Withdrawals.
  • Students may still complete Independent Studies during J-Term or that will last the length of one module or both modules during Modules 3 and 4. A year-long independent will still need to run through four modules.
  • Students may also still complete Directed Readings that will last the length of a single module or during J-Term.
  • Internships for credit  will be registered in one module (0.50 credit maximum) or span both Modules 3 and 4 (All 1.0 credit and some 0.50 credit).  In order to complete a 1.0 credit IFC during J-Term, a student must spend at least 5 hours per day, 5 days per week  at the internship. A J-Term IFC for 0.50 credit will require the student to spend at least 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week at the internship.