Courses Outside of the United States

If you are planning to take summer courses outside of the United States, contact the Office of International Programs.

If you are a student with an F-1 visa status planning to study abroad on a non-F&M-approved summer program (including in your home country), there are extra considerations to keep in mind. Please make sure you understand the following:

  • Neither the Office of the Registrar nor the Office of International Programs can confirm or guarantee credit transfer in advance.

  • Once the foreign transcript is received by the Office of the Registrar, you may be required to pay a foreign educational credential evaluation service to have the transcript evaluated, which could cost $1000 or more, and still does not guarantee credit will transfer back to F&M.

  • By choosing to participate on a non-approved program, Franklin & Marshall College cannot verify the quality of the educational experience at the host institution and will not be able to provide assistance throughout the application process.

  • More details can be found on the page for summer courses abroad for international students.

In all cases, before taking courses at another institution you should first talk to your faculty advisor.


Courses Within the United States

If you are planning to take summer courses at another institution within the United States, please note the following procedures:

Before Leaving F&M, you should get the course(s) approved for transfer.

There are two ways of seeking transfer approval:

  1. Complete and submit the online course transfer request form, located at  Be sure to carefully read the College's policy for transfer of credit after matriculation.  Once we receive your completed form, we will send your request to the appropriate department chairperson for approval.  
  2. Pick up a blue department approval form from the Registrar's Office, which is useful when departments require additional course materials to be attached with the transfer request.  Read the policy and credit equivalencies on the back of the form.  Complete the form and take it, along with the course description and if possible, the syllabus, to the appropriate department chairperson.  If you are seeking credit for your major or minor, make sure this has been clearly indicated on the form.  If the course is approved, the department chair will sign the form.  Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office for approval of the institution and verification of credit equivalencies.

Note: If you do not get the courses pre-approved, there is no guarantee that the credit will transfer.


Receiving Credit for Summer Courses

You must request that the host institution's Registrar mail your official transcript directly to F&M's Registrar's Office (our mailing address is on the blue department approval form).  We cannot accept your transcript from you.  It must be mailed directly to us from the host institution.

A grade of D- or higher must be earned.

All courses must be taken for a regular letter grade and not P/NP or Pass/Fail.

Your grade will appear on your F&M transcript but will not be calculated into your cumulative grade point average (there are a few exceptions to this policy; they are listed on the blue department approval form).

Note:  The following equivalencies are used in determining the amount of transfer credit you will receive:

  • 1 semester hour = .25 F&M course credit
  • 2 semester hours = .50 F&M course credit
  • 3 semester hours = .75 F&M course credit
  • 4 semester hours = 1.0 F&M course credit


  • 1 quarter hour = no F&M course credit
  • 2 quarter hours = .25 F&M course credit
  • 3 quarter hours = .50 F&M course credit
  • 4 quarter hours = .75 F&M course credit
  • 5 quarter hours = .75 F&M course credit
  • 6 quarter hours = 1.0 F&M course credit