Additional Summer Course Information

for F-1 Students

As noted on the 'Summer Courses Taken Elsewhere' web pageneither the Registrar's Office nor the Office of International and Off-Campus Study can guarantee that courses taken abroad through non-F&M-approved programs will transfer for F&M credit.  This means that if you choose to take these courses, you run the risk that you might not receive F&M credit for the experience.  In addition, seeking credit will require you to purchase an evaluation (described below) at your own expense.  For this reason, if you are interested in earning summer credit, you might consider an F&M-approved off-campus study experience outside of your home country.

If you still wish to enroll in a summer course, understanding that you may not receive F&M credit for it, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Transfer Request Form: Before taking the course, complete and submit the transfer course request form for each course you wish to take.  The Registrar's Office will contact you to let you know whether the request has been conditionally approved (the condition being the outcome of the course-by-course evaluation described below) or denied.
  2. Course-By-Course Evaluation:  After you have completed the course(s), contact one of the following organizations and order a course-by-course evaluation to be sent directly to Franklin & Marshall at the address provided below.  It will be your responsibility to pay for the evaluation.
    1. Education Credential Evaluators, Inc,, 414-289-39400
    2. World Education Services,
  3. Official Transcript:  If the evaluation confirms that the course or courses are equivalent to courses taught at accredited U.S. institutions, you will need to contact the institution where you took the course(s) and request that your official transcript be sent to F&M, at the address below.

One thing to keep in mind: if a summer course does not count toward a 4-year degree at the college/university where the course is being taught, it is likely that the course will not be eligible for transfer to F&M.


Evaluation and Transcript Mailing Addresses:

If using standard mail/post: If using parcel service (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc.):

Attn: Sarah Esh

Registrar's Office

Franklin & Marshall College

P.O. Box 3003

Lancaster, PA  17604-3003

Attn: Sarah Esh

Registrar's Office

F&M Warehouse

415 Harrisburg Ave.

Lancaster, PA  17603