What We Believe

We believe that critical thinking and peer learning is not just something that happens in the academic classrooms. We value what it means for people to have a deep connection with a faith tradition and at the same time we support those who are on a faith journey, who are seeking a place where they can find spiritual comfort and connection with others in community. We celebrate our religious and spiritual diversity and understand hospitality to be one of our guiding principles.

We encourage you to look at the variety of options available to you on this website.

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Spiritual TAKE OUT 



Every Monday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM the Spiritual TAKE OUT table is set up in the Steinman College Center Atrium.  Students, faculty and professional staff stop by to pick up BOOK IT! book markers with a spiritual practice for the week, a SIT WITH IT poster card, a Dip Chip or other resources that help enhance our spiritual life as individuals and as a community.  

We also host a LABYRINTH Walks:  Monday 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM and  Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM on the ground floor  the Steinman College Center.

Opportunities to engage in mindfulness are offered through the Mindfulness Committee of the College which is a sub-committee of the Wellness Committee.


MONDAY  8:00 AM – 8:30 AM  Meditation at the Philadelphia Alumni Writer’s House on College Ave.

TUESDAY 5:00 PM  Relaxing Yoga in the Woods Room on the second floor of the AFSC.  Soothe away your stress with easy, relaxing yoga stretches, breathing, and meditation.

6:00 PM  Power Yoga in the Woods Room on the second floor of the ASFC.   Blast away your stress with an all-levels power yoga workout followed by deep relaxation

WEDNESDAY  11:30 AM - !:00PM Mindfulness Reading Group on the second floor of the Wohlsen Center for Sustainability and the Environment.  Due to class schedules we are going to offer a different arrangement of the sessions.  If you have a class at 12:30 we invite you to come at 11:30 for an opening time of silence and then go get your lunch at the Fair Trade Café and join the group for conversation using the book by Jon Kabat-Zin Mindfulness for Beginners.   The second group will get lunch first and then join the group for conversation and that group will have a time of silence at the end.  The whole session will end in by 1:00 PM.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM  College Zen Meditation Group at the Joseph International Center on College Ave.


The Stress Free Zone is open in Counseling Services during their regular operating hours.  There is a massage chair and meditation CDs available.

The Multifaith Resource Room and the Meditation Room on the ground floor of the Steinman College Center is available for quiet space to take a break or meditate.  If the room is not being used you may get the key from the Information Desk in the Atrium.

A GREAT APP:  Use your smart phone and download Insight Timer. It is a free app that has a Buddhist Singing Bowl to sound with your own timer and some other meditations if you would like something other than silence