Requesting a Dining Exemption 

Franklin and Marshall is a four-year residential college and finds that dining together is one factor that allows students to develop a sense of community. Therefore, all students who live on campus in traditional residence hall rooms are required to purchase a Meal Plan. The College currently offers an array of dining options that include gluten-free, vegan and Kosher selections, in addition to other healthy eating choices.

The College, in unique circumstances, may exempt a student from the required meal plan for religious reasons. Please note that a meal plan exemption will only be granted when the Dining Services program cannot meet the nutrition needs of a student. Before requesting any exemption students are required to meet with the Director of Dining Services to inquire about all of the dining options available. The goal of this process is to provide students with the tools they need to actively manage their dietary needs within the residential dining program. A registered dietician is also available to consult with students as needed.

If you'd like to discuss this process further before beginning, please feel free to contact the Director for Faith and Meaning, Dr. Joe Pritchett, at 

Meal Plan Exemption Process

Step1 :    Meet with the Director of Dining Services to determine if they can meet your
    specific needs.

Step 2:    If it is determined that Dining Services cannot meet your needs, please submit the appropriate exemption request form below. You are also required to have a religious leader who is familiar with the dietary needs of your religious tradition to complete a form. The link to that form is below. Once that is completed, you can upload it to your form. 

The final deadline for Fall semester exemption requests is August 1, however we recommend applying by June 1 so your account can be adjusted prior to the fall billing cycle.

The final deadline for Spring semester exemptions requests is December 1, however we recommend applying by November 1 so your account can be adjusted prior to the spring billing cycle. Complete applications must be received by the last day of the second week of classes for either term to avoid charges. After this date, even if an exception is approved, a per day fee will be charged by Dining Services.  

Please note

  • Exemptions for the following reasons will not be considered: financial, vegan/vegetarian/gluten free diet, work/class/practice schedules, access to a kitchen, or personal preferences. 

  • A written statement from a religious leader does not guarantee the student will receive a meal plan exemption.

  • You will be notified of the decision of your exemption request via your F&M email account.

  • You have an obligation to pay for your meal plan until your exemption request is approved.

  • Please keep a copy of the documentation that you submit for your files. 

Questions regarding the Meal Plan Exemption Policy can be directed to the Review Committee by e-mailing: or