Explore Opportunities for Spiritual Direction 

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for you to explore, develop, and deepen your spiritual life, however you may define it. Spiritual direction is a time-honored term for a conversation (or series of conversations), ordinarily between two persons, in which one person consults another, called a spiritual director, about the ways in which the sacred (as you understand it) may be shaping your life. It is an opportunity to ask questions, reflect, cultivate an interior life, and explore the ways that your spiritual life shape your decisions and development.  Spiritual direction is open to all students from any religious, spiritual, or secular backgrounds at no charge.

You will agree on a time to meet, usually once a month for an hour, talking one-on-one in a quiet space. Spiritual direction can also be experienced in a small group. If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction, please email Dr. Joe Pritchett at jpritche@fandm.edu.

Please note: Spiritual direction is NOT counseling or psychotherapy and should not be used as a replacement for either.