Learning Objectives for Graduating Students

 The major in Religious Studies aims at the following learning objectives:

1) Religious Studies majors gain substantial familiarity with a wide range of the
major religious traditions of the world through exposure to primary sources.

2) Religious Studies majors become acquainted with the tools of the discipline
that promote a maximally critical relationship between the scholar and the
objects, activities, and persons of study.

3) Religious Studies majors will be conversant with contemporary discourse
about religion and awake to the ideological features of religious language and
practice in their original and subsequent historical contexts.

4) Students will gain experience producing observational ethnographic accounts
of ritual life, and become familiar with social scientific methodologies for the study
and analysis of religion as a living and evolving practice. 

5) Students will become confident in the trans-historical and cross-cultural
comparative study of religion such that they can utilize religious studies
methodology and theory to analyze current national and international events.